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Elon also worth separately sometimes before sometimes after you know rassi but uh rossi did have a cat a catchphrase so mario and had no use for him he goes i can be the only one saying hello to people you have to do something and that was the beginning of the at hallowed air hello dare d r e his catchphrase this is from ah entertainment tonight's website his catchphrase was hello air but now we say goodbye hold nicely nice fans good good good mood hollywood squares their hands where where always on hollywood squares ally in i have to say this i'm i'm sure it will say this later on in the story but he he just died yesterday was ninety five years old he was still working as of the year or two ago looking at a washington times story of an assault it said the headline is mardi allen 95th birthday sees comic still laugh so he said that he was still working this year i still pretty well he earned a soldier's metal valor in world war two did you know that snow he was mary del lorraine frenchie alan he learned say hello dare in six different languages so he would say it the axis powers they thought he was their friend and feed mouth of of appointment jail who's the duet the partnership i'm thinking there ac allen and you are no no i know i made that mistake but this was a grace alan known apperance zone that's one wendy say and do you mean i jack burns avery schreiber yes yes he kinda was like a retrago i guess what the hair yeah every schreiber was the debris does guy for years right right he edward munch on a chip kick a loud noise um yes so he was a as soldiers earned us medal of valor in world war two um he appeared forty four times allen and rossi did i don't remember the rossi part of it oh i just only remember him here he was likely early daves bruce vallance on that yeah i guess hutter hollywood square i could see the sem and don't really know loui is yeah you do but bright a majority of people like who was bruce blanche bruce flinch was a writer primarily always rook the academy awards show uh there 'cause i'm like why is he there with all these celebrities brisk valeri great hair and marty ellen if you.

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