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Superman leaves Washington believing all his troubles arrived in a but unknown to him his troubles are only beginning a startling surprises awaiting him in metropolis at this very moment we'll be back in a moment we'll find out about it Seoul talk about surprises you're in for a terrific surprise when you see the fun you can have with your job rocket that's right I said John IROC at the exciting rocket model often do you by Kelloggs pep those super serial yes I die rocket that flies in zooms in streaks right out of your hand high into the air a giant rock and almost half a foot long correct almost half a foot of sleek streamlined body made of gleaming wooden brilliant blue or red or yellow and get this your gyro get has a steel propeller at the stern a propeller that sends it biting into the air yep launchings a snap because with your job rocket you get a metal launching rod and a wooden rocket launcher you flick your arm and your rockets solos off streaking into the sky up all over the tree tops remember this giant rock it is not a flimsy cardboard cut out but solid steel and what built for hundreds of launching them for several giant rock as today then how thrilling contest with your friends test your plead against theirs was speed and distance but be sure you sent for your gyro god right away in a few days this often goes off the air forever get yours while the getting is good here's all you do for each j'ai rocket you water send fifteen cents on the Kelloggs pep box top to.

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