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The. Landed gentry of New York City where people who'd been here families who've been here since very early Manhattan settlement the vanderbilts came from Staten Island. And it was not until Cornelius Vanderbilt who we know as the Commodore comes over that the vanderbilts are in Manhattan. So he's he's making money already at this point. But to the to the existing Manhattan nights, the knickerbockers, it's it's new money. And so the family thinks that they ought to be accepted into what they called best society. But no sorry. You didn't have four generations, you know, in Manhattan. So you're not in how does that manifest itself? In day to day. What is it? You're out of your invited to be in this club. You're not invest sensually already. Yeah. It's it's very social clubs that the men did or did not get to belong to for the women. It would be you know, who is invited to which social events in which events were considered most important. So it was really just about the in crowd and the in crowd seems sort of cer- frivolous a bit a bit. But if you think about what women could do in their day. I mean, it was very limited. So if if you're a woman who wants to do important things as Alba was you need to be able to be in physicians where important things are done and close and people who can make important things happen, and that's the equation Theresa and Fowler's in studio with me, her new book is called a well behaved woman, a novel of the Vanderbilt Alvis something that he well behaved women does not do. She wants to get divorced after she lands. This fellow with all the money. She wants to divorce. She was ambivalent about this marriage right from the start. But she did the thing that she felt she needed.

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