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The wedding that stephen and i went to last week all of the details on where to go what the couple was asking for for presents all of that scores bayside strew and it was pretty good who's beautiful actually and i'm sure it was easy for them to set up because bride and groom have a lot on their minds right i thank you square space for supporting this show squarespace make your next move make your next website move on to another topic so there's a lot of drama going on in these streaming media world disney buying fox still hasn't happened although as mentioned in our previous episode there's sort of like there was justice department approval there is there's all this like government us government saying it's okay which makes it better for disney but comcast kinda wants it but they may be jousting over sky tv and britain there's a lot going on there but i wanna talk about one of the ramifications of the other big deal that has been going on this summer which is at and t buying time warner essentially now warner media and that includes hbo now hbo is part of the family of companies which is really not exciting phrase it's very corporate phrase yeah at and t family my favorite family according to the new york times john stanky along time at and t executive who now oversees hbo in his new role as chief executive warner media at a meeting with the head of hbo and one hundred fifty or so hbo employees and said changes are coming in the future hbo will substantially increase its subscriber base in the number of hours that viewer spend watching its shows he said we need hours a day not hours a week not hours a month hours a day you're competing with devices that sit in people's hands and captured their attention every fifteen minutes i want more hours of engagement you get more.

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