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It does not have to be the official SDA class. It can be intro to gun handling class. And this will take some of the wind out of the opposition sales. And you could let someone who sells carry insurance. The wise known as I just busted a cap. Insurance speak for a few minutes at the training win win. Leslie, there are several companies already in town that do the insurance that you just described and the thing is that most. In fact, I got some more opposition here that was sent to me. This is a letter to the editor from Jimmy who says Lee here we go. Again, we have a statewide opioid problem. So let's legalize marijuana makes sense doesn't it? And while the federal government tries to tighten regulations to acquire guns. Oklahoma legislators vote to let any Yahoo. Who thinks he's dirty Harry? Carey a gun without training on laws concerning usage of the weapon or a licensed to test. He knows how to handle it. There will be a lot of bystanders wounded and killed by these idiots and the shooter's will learn the law while standing before a judge being tried as a felon. Thanks Representative John Eccles and Kevin west and Senator Nathan Dahm. Jimmy, you're you're wrong. First of all there are fourteen other states that have the same legislation, and they don't have people killing each other. They don't have the wild west mentality. Everybody keeps talking about. And I brought this up yesterday. The second amendment seems to be the only amendment that everybody wraps themselves in bubble wrap about. It's everybody when talking about the second amendment. Has some sort of safety issue. We got it. We have to have licensing for a safety. It's public safety concern. That's what it is. Yeah. No, it's not. You should not have to pay or petition the government for a right? That is already yours. Now, I'm very sorry. That those on the left do not like guns are scared of guns and have a deep down. I don't know either hatred or fear of it. But it is a it is a right. That is spelled out in the constitution. Big number two. And I brought this up yesterday. I'm curious or a lot of people want to curb your first amendment rights, but they're not using safety is one of the issues. Yeah. I realized a lot of people hate speech legislation. It's hate speech is one of those one of those infringements of the first amendment. If you ask me. He said something hateful. We need a log and saying things hateful. Oh, you have freedom to say things. Have you don't have a freedom from speech yet? Here's what you hear from the left. You don't hear from the left? Well, we need to ban hate speech because it's not safe. No. You don't hear that? You here we need to ban hate speech because it hurts people's feelings. But you don't hear..

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