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Have a big logo query is based on my do you blow up a male sex doll? All right now. How do we play slap that s again? Elvis Duran in the morning show. I refused to do the show today. I I can't what's happening. I can't handle it. You understand? It'll be fine. I think you can get through. This Joe Jonas got married deli me. Joe Jonas got married to that that bitch. He was he was very you do realize that you have a wedding planned in September to somebody else. And you knew he was getting married, but. I weirdly identify with this feeling right now. I think you're going to be okay, though. I don't think so I would like to try and make you be okay. We should send him food. Macaroni and cheese would work cheese. Let's get if you don't know kit. If you don't know already Joe Joe berry. I thought he was going to wait for me. I believe he did play the song. Really? Yeah. This to be such agony. Seriously. I can't I can't listen to him. To get over it. I'm gonna get over. I'm going to try to pull myself together. So Joe Jonas got married. I thought they were kidding about that in Vegas, which means it's not real right Israel. They actually went and got a license and everything, and you know, what in our friends Dan in shape, actually, sang at his wedding. So they're conspirators. They're a part of the problem. Do you have a problem with dip low because he livestream basically the wedding. You know? You know? Screw all of them. All right. Let's move on Allesandro line to our first caller of the day. I think it's her birthday your birthday L asandra. Thirty two. Happy birthday ever gift for you? God. When is it the gift of sadness because Joe Jonas? Gift it's the gift sadness. He's still what are you doing? To celebrate your birthday. Well, definitely going out and eating I heart out and potentially drinking some whiskey tonight for good girl. I do and then hanging out for the weekend going out, some hiking. But then, of course, going and turning it up on Saturday and brench of courtship Hilbert's me good in my Sunday. We're living great life. You're living a fabulous.

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