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The Register broker dealer and investment advice. Remember, S I P C investment products are not FBI seen shirt or not, bank guarantee. You mean this value 11 18 traffic and weather on the eights to Ian Crawford in the traffic center. Just getting an update on 95 south. That is a much more serious situation than we've been led to believe that sounded like it began as a police pursuit ending in a car chase out about 95 on the ramp to Franconia Road eastbound that be exit 1 69, just seeing some overhead pictures from our news partners at NBC four and their helicopter and we haven't least one vehicle sitting on its hood at the moment and lots of response on Seen that ramp remains blocked. So does the right outside. Lena believe that's the right service Road Lane. Follow police direction to get around. Best off of you can use another active. You're gonna want to do that. Because Sam found 95 the ramp to go east on Franconia Road exit 1 69. That ramp will be blocked for some time for crash and Dallas and investigation North bound. One fly in the ointment will be the work zone. Near exit 1 26 or what? Spotsylvania Single Lane should be getting by there on 66. There is eastbound work outside the Beltway at the Prince William Parkway left lane. Getting by the off ramp to exit 44 is blocked because of all this westbound there is work. Had on thinks he's taken the ramp to go north on suddenly road business to 34. That ramp is blocked. You'll need to go south and make the U Turn it balls forward road in order to go north on suddenly road from my 66 westbound on the Beltway. No reported delays at the moment in Virginia in Maryland, Watch for the work on the outer loop after Allentown Road and Joint Base. Andrews with two right leans getting by after Exit nine on 50 across the Bay Bridge, two way traffic on the eastbound band passes without delay. On 29 Watch for work in both directions between New Hampshire Avenue and Stuart Layne through white oak with the North bound lane getting bythe right, the sound foundling getting by to the left Clara Barton Park, Way out down after Chain Bridge Road all the way to the Glen Echo turn around. The lanes are blocked for the work Don't follow that posted detour in the desert downtown Massachusetts Avenue at Sixth Street Northwest Follow the posted detour. It's a water main break Massachusetts Avenue blocked in both directions. He and Crawford w T o p traffic storms him for chief. Urologist Doug Camera team Ford Franking. What we think will be a really nice looking weekend out there your Saturday, though, that probably the better.

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