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One year later weird. AL recorded them as edit and I lost on jeopardy respectively. They do and they were both hot. One hundred hits in one thousand nine hundred four by the way. All eight of these songs listed in this question were parodied by owl and were billboard. Chart Hits all right Josh. You went one for three. You've got the Mariah question nicely done I understand. You have trivia question for me. Yeah I sure do here. We go Chris in October. Nineteen seventy six. What novelty song by Memphis radio? Dj Rick Dees was in the billboard. Hot One hundred hundred for ten weeks. Peaking at number one is it a group guerrilla be disco duck see Funky Kong Cong or D.. Burgi bullfrog. Well how could I forget this one. It's actually even played in the movie. Saturday night fever which came out a year later and that of course would be. The Rick Dees hit disco duck. And you're right. The answer is be discovered the body the other they were also correct that was included in the movie Saturday night fever although Rick Dees Management. NJIT decided not to allow the song on the movie soundtrack fearing compete with his own sales boy. What a mistake? That was right. Awful awful man because you think about the artis. You kind of got floated. Along on that Saturday night fever soundtrack like Kool and the gang had open sesame on that on that album and every time let's sold right exactly the virus taveras. They all made bank offense soundtrack. Yeah being featured on a movie soundtrack is one way to it makes a fortune so not a smart move by Rick Dees but you know. He's got his radio fortune so I'm sure he's Not Sweating it too much. Well Josh thank you for giving me a trivia question I could get I. I appreciate that. It's been a few months since I've gotten a question correct so I am holding my head up high and you at least got one of our three correct so I hope you're holding your head up high as well absolutely. I'm glad it could be a part of this. Thanks so much Josh. So as indicated by our Trivia round the next hip episode which will build off of our most recent full length that parade episode is going to be about comedy and novelty hits on the billboard charts. You know I'm using the novelty hits of Nineteen fifty-eight as a jumping off point to talk about these goofy chart hits which really were much bigger in the early rock era than they are now. It's hard to build a career as a novelty recording artist. Some have tried but there have been many one offs Folks who have succeeded briefly and then never heard from again. However we're going to talk about at least East One person who managed to make a whole career as a novelty recording artist? I think it's pretty obvious who that is. And in a way the history of novelty hits on the charts tracks tracks some of the same changes in chart methodologies that Christmas hits leverage to become bigger and bigger hits so much the way Christmas hits had to wait for digital title technology to change the way we measure hit. A novelty recording hits are starting to come back on the charts because of technology. So we're GONNA talk about that in the next episode of Hit parade prayed my thanks to rich Joswiak for joining me on this episode of the bridge and rich. Tell us where folks can find you. I guess you could go to my twitter. That would probably be the easiest most centralized realized point. R I C H J jozy. Fantastic my thanks to Oshawa Saluda for not only joining me but also producing this episode of Hip Parade. The bridge keep on marching on the one..

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