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Married three months before. Oh my so. I've only been married in this. And what a joy the honeymoon stage. It's amazing and we spent our first nine months of our relationship long distance. He was in new york. I was here and then even when we lived in the same place. I was gone shock all the time. Yes we have never been like. We're one of those couples that has to have a rule with like how long we can go without seeing each other because he was always like birthdays all star game. We always things that we had that we were not going to be around each other. And now it's constant around each other and it's affected him more negatively than me for sure. Hi it's me again. Quick quick break for meghan to tell you the today's podcast is brought to you by brooklyn Look life is too short to sleep between anything less than really nice sheets. I've always said that my grandpa said that. But you know maybe you looked at some retailers and calculated the years of interest. You'd pay on just one set and gave up Just trust me. Go checkout brooklyn and it was started by rich in vicky who i assume or two people but imagine a food to dogs Were trying to find beautiful home essentials. That didn't cost an arm and a leg and when they couldn't they found at brooklyn as the first direct to consumer betting company they work directly with the manufacturers and they make luxury available directly to you without all the luxury level markups. It seems logical. I mean less profitable for them but nicer and logical for us. I sleep on brooklyn and sheets. I like them They have a variety sheets colors patterns materials to fill your needs and tastes. They have over fifty thousand five star reviews and counting. Because you wouldn't want to put a cap on that people might still be saying that they love it and they're so confident that you're gonna love their products. They'll even offer a three hundred sixty five day money back guarantee so. I guess it's like a your money back guarantee but they wanna cover themselves. If it's a leap year you're going to have to that extra days gonna cost ya Also brooklyn and is so much more than sheets they have comforters pillows towels and even lounge wear i own a bathrobe. They have like a waffle bathrobe. A got it in a light grey Genuinely just because. I wanted a bathrobe and they didn't send it to me and i don't even think i use my promo code because it felt icky so i just paid for it and i love it. It's very very comfortable. I miss it so much. Because i'm in la What else do.

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