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Did you get to Michigan from there? You know what the plan to be honest with you was to go and play in the ACC. You know, that was my dream come out of high school, but at the end of the day was most important to me is was for my grandfather see me play. It was a little far to get to where I wanted to go for him to see me. So I decided to go to university of Michigan. You know, at the last minute I think I was the last recruit signed at the time and and it worked out for the best. I was the best decision ever made, but I based totally on my grandfather being able to see me play if he couldn't come. We plan five or six games on national TV. Sure. So he wasn't living in Pennsylvania? I was. I was raised by my grandparents. Yeah. Oh, interesting. He, he never missed a game before, but I definitely wanted to leave, Pennsylvania. Didn't wanna go to Peter Penn State. I wanted to make name for myself coming up. He's the next. Only door set, isn't that? No, I wanted to be the first law, so I wanna do my own thing. And when you were there you, you're the guy who was helping recruit, Charles, what's? Yep. I was the one that signed Charles Woodson have to give them the take him on his recruiting trip had to be the one, you know, checking up on him, giving him the phone calls and things like that. Trying to get him university of Michigan. So from Ohio from Ohio, you know, and and I was very glad to do that. You know, I mean, wasn't a Buckeye fan still not a buck out fan, respect them, but I'm a wolverine all the way. So I'm glad that I was able to steal one of their best help still wanted to bring them to new versus Michigan, and he gets the Heisman Trophy goes on to, you know, be the great player that he was in college and pros in the future hall of Famer so is awesome. And then it's amazing how on one snowy night in New England in the backfield of playoff game between the waiters and patriots converging in the backfield is Charles Woodson and Tom Brady and ball comes loose. Tuck rule appropriately plod very appropriate. Very pro. You've ever talked with Charles. What's in about this calms he'll this day, Charles does not wanna talk about that. If I bring it up is in job a he, he just little irritated. So of course, I just got a no dig a little bit more because it was funny because after the game, you know normally every time I play against Charles, we meet up in a parking lot and you know, just chop it up. But after that game I'm coming, you know, buys buses. I'm like, what? Charles? You know what I mean? Gonna come all this boy. So I say when he came up, I was like, would he walked straight on the bus? So in typical tile off fashion, I'm gonna go and save me. You're gonna come talk to me. It's just a game even though to go to the Super Bowl. So I walked on on the bus on the front of the bus, not like, would you raiders the raiders bus? And then everybody was sitting there looking said income on that man with that. And I was like. F- y'all d, that's why you'll love anyway. Now ram. The whole team get up was like, you know, try become chasing me and still her ever ran off the bus. Yeah, you're quick. First step came in, I came in handy. Charles was biz, but I'll say, you know what? We go beyond his game nine to stand that she was upset that we're going to the Super Bowl, but I had to give it to them. And I say, that's why it's going to be a long, ask flight home..

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