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And. Let's do a music always cues us to the segment on this date in reds history. Nothing's going on at the moment, so we flash back to the history of the reds I'm going to start in night. Put Out my right leg journal today I'm going to start an eighteen seventy on this date. The Cincinnati Commercial newspaper uses the term reds in reference to the red stockings for the first time about that, let's. Let's get all the way in nineteen sixty nine on this date. Tony clot injure his second to hitter the month. He beats the phillies four to nothing at Connie Mack stadium. Also, this was the season. The reds I used gatorade about that this date nineteen, seventy five. The mets beat the red sixty. Two at Riverfront Stadium Jerry coups would overdone Gullit. You realize the reds record at this point was twenty and twenty. Twenty and twenty. From that point forward, the reds went eighty eight and thirty four the rest of the way they went. What fifty four games over five hundred the rest of the way this state, nineteen eighty-one Doug Barron Remember Doug bear the closer he hit a three run home run of the ninth inning to lead the reds over the cubs at Wrigley Field. The reds won their eighth consecutive game. It was the only home run of Doug Bears fifteen year career. This date in one thousand, nine hundred five Ron Gant five rb is including an RBI single in the tenth to lead the reds past the astros nine two eight at Riverfront Stadium. Let's go to one thousand, nine, hundred, ninety, nine, all man. It was this date. The agreement was reached to build the stadium. Great American Ballpark, the site next to synergy and first star in in the whole Broadway. Commons debate. They had decided it would be where it is now. This date nine, hundred, ninety, nine, the state, two, thousand, ten with the reds, leading nine three. With the reds leading ninety three in the ninth inning at Turner, field. The braves score seven runs to stun the reds. BROOKS CONRAD HITS A Walk Off Grand Slam against Coco Cordero. I can close my eyes and Lance. Nick's going back to the wall. He got his glove audit. He hit the wall in the ball went over the wall for a grand. Slam. That was an afternoon game. I'll I will never forget the phone call that on sportstalk. sportstalk and everybody felt about cocoa, and the reds bullpen at that point head lead nine to three, going to the bottom of the night, the rapid to the series they give up seven lose and remember. They flew to Cleveland and we wondered that night. Does this team ever recover from this game well? They did to win the division this day. Two thousand twelve Johnny Koito beat. Sympathy and the Yankees at Yankee Stadium Five to two Lancer Lance Ludwig. I used to play with landslide waking little lake. Ryan Ludwig. We had three hits flashing back to my little league days and homered in that game. All of it happening on this date in reds history all right. That was fun so the doctor tomorrow night looks as follows. Dave, Miley. Former. Internationally Hall of fame, manager and reds manager, a reds, minor league prospect, Dave Miley leads off the show at six o eight I still blown by the fact I'm in the middle of talking with Rick Green about his one and only major league appearance for the reds, and as I'm talking with him I see my phone light up and it is Dave Miley saying hey, tell him I, said hi, so days going to check in tomorrow night at six. Zero eight I want to ask you about Rick Green. And when asked him he played with Eric Davis we talked a lot about 'em, talked with Eric Davis earlier in the. The week when asked him about that and more and in the Eight o'clock hour on the tenth year anniversary of the cyclones winning the Kelly Cup John Hamill the radio Voice, of the time at eight. Oh, five Chuck Weber, their head coach at eight twenty, and if you're a cyclone fan I'll say some room for you after the on the back side of that around eight thirty five, or so with moments and memories of that got a couple of things in the works, their top secret at this point hang tight Jerry Jeff Walker has confirmed part. Three of what's been an outstanding look back at tragic story, but there are so many. Fascinating Story Lines in forts in the road and how that night impacted people's lives. Our could have impacted their lives. If not for other decisions they made. That will follow what the nightcap. Thanks for hanging out tonight. The news is next. It's been Arnaud Carrier sportstalk presented by Kelsey Chevrolet on seven hundred WWL W..

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