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Maxwell an extreme flight risk. But her attorneys argue she never left the country after Epstein's arrest, instead staying out of the public eye given the crush of media attention, as alleged victims of Epstein also called for her a rat. A bee sees Eva Pilgrim on the Corona virus, Texas has surpassed 10,000 hospitalizations for the first time ever, the elderly in the health compromised Sted risk along with an alarming number of Children. We used to be known as one of the states that had it completely under control, and now we're in the top two or three states that are looking at this massive surge. Bill McKay and the CEO of Texas Metal And I heart radio Station News, 93.1 KFBK. State health officials say California has now surpassed 300,000 cases of Cove in 19 Yesterday, they reported more than 4500 new cases and 36 new death and there have been more than 6 800 deaths from the disease state white since the start of the pandemic, Twitter suspending 50 plus accounts belonging to white nationalists, a representative for the social media platforms said those accounts have been removed for breaking their policy. He's in relation to violent extremism, the global project against hate and extremism side of Twitter and YouTube, saying they allow white nationalist groups to spread their message in origin, less more people to their organizations. The city of Berkeley is considering prohibiting police from conducting routine traffic stops and turning to duty over two unarmed public works employees. It's proposed by Councilman Rachel Robinson, who says Would the escalate roadside situations that don't require an armed uniform officer such as parking violations are running a stop sign? I'm Ra. Well, Bolland. Checking KFBK Traffic Auburn Highway 49 both directions between 80 and Dry Creek Road, At least one lane is shut down intermittently in both directions. You have the installation of the bike lane and road improvement work still taking place and that's not set to complete until the summer of 2020 So it should be wrapping up soon, But Still dealing with it. In the meantime, then in Woodland south bound five at the Vietnam Veterans Rest area, you won't be able to exit there..

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