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Diabetes all right here we go speaking of joe dirt co star david spade also was in movie with chris farley whereas chris's beloved father dies played by brian dennehy so the dimwitted tommy callaghan inherits near bankrupt automobile parts factory in sandusky ohio in the two in the nineteen ninety five movie wow tommy boy this is one of my favorite movies of all time this is my first purchase movie purchase on an ipad for a flight fate one of my favorite movies lots of good laughs classic so from lentils as i mean really this is like sullivan's travels to them the sophomore in high school this is everything and it's also one of those movies there if you saw when you were thirteen every punch yeah i don't think it's probably as good as you thought it was thirteen watch watch you do reach your do i'm going to say that the critics probably weren't as fond of it as dawn pray let us let us lock this in and then then dennis what is your number like it's the french revolution in the three of us the four of us are coming at the best deal and i go up and i'm pale myself on the fence and then you guys all right so i'm going to say seventy seventy five brian i got fifty five i think the credits could have liked this good call i love this movie i'm hoping for the best and probably being a little starry eyed i said seventy eight i said sixty four new guys your guys love and fineness for this probably check me up about ten points thinking more in the fifties but there's a lot of laughs charlie everything.

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