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We <Speech_Male> <SpeakerChange> <Speech_Music_Male> love getting your <Speech_Male> feedback. All right, take it away, <Speech_Male> doctor Mike. <SpeakerChange> <Speech_Male> Well, I got a few things <Speech_Male> to say, Mark. <Speech_Male> First <Speech_Male> off, listener <Speech_Male> Michael James, and I <Speech_Male> are <Speech_Male> going to meet up <Speech_Male> tomorrow <Speech_Male> at Ho chunk casino <Speech_Male> in Berlin. Oh, good. <Speech_Male> Oh, good, good, good. <Speech_Male> Good luck for that. <Speech_Male> Yeah, and my wife's <Speech_Male> going along <Speech_Male> too. So <Speech_Male> yeah, we've talked <Speech_Male> many times, but <Speech_Male> we've never met. So <Speech_Male> we're going to meet <Speech_Male> up there, hopefully we'll have some <Speech_Male> good luck. I'll have a <Speech_Male> report on that on the next <Speech_Male> trip. Great, excellent. <Speech_Male> And I also <Speech_Male> wanted to say <Speech_Male> that on <Speech_Male> Veterans Day <Speech_Male> this year, <Speech_Male> November 11th, <Speech_Male> that's a Friday. <Speech_Male> So <Speech_Male> on that weekend, <Speech_Male> 11, 12 and <Speech_Male> 13, <Speech_Male> Chris and <Speech_Male> Josh from <Speech_Male> the crap Vegas <Speech_Male> podcast <Speech_Male> <Speech_Male> are going to come out <Speech_Male> here. Okay. <Speech_Male> And hopefully <Speech_Male> you are too. <Speech_Male> Yeah, so you just mentioned <Speech_Male> that to me the other day, <Speech_Male> you know, as soon as <Speech_Male> you sent me the text, <Speech_Male> sherry said, <Speech_Male> go for it. <Speech_Male> So <Speech_Male> that's great. It'll <Speech_Male> just be a fun weekend <Speech_Male> and <Speech_Male> people have it off. <Speech_Male> I assume a lot of people <Speech_Male> have it offer veterans. <Speech_Male> Yeah, I <SpeakerChange> have it all. <Speech_Male> I'm still <Speech_Male> trying to decide <Speech_Male> what casino <Speech_Male> we're going to meet at <Speech_Male> because there's no <Speech_Male> casinos around <Speech_Male> here that are <Speech_Male> in a big group where there's <Speech_Male> four or 5, <Speech_Male> right? <Speech_Male> So we have to meet at one, <Speech_Male> but we might be able to <Speech_Male> drive to another one <Speech_Male> since I have a vehicle <Speech_Male> here and stuff. Oh, <Speech_Male> you've got a vehicle there. <Speech_Male> Oh, good. Oh, <Speech_Male> okay. I didn't <Speech_Male> realize that you actually <Speech_Male> took one with you <Speech_Male> when you moved to Minnesota, <Speech_Male> doctor Mack. <Speech_Male> A big vehicle. <Speech_Male> Oh, okay, a big <Speech_Male> 9 people. <Speech_Male> All right. <Speech_Male> So we can <Speech_Male> go wherever we want. <Speech_Male> Wow. Oops. <Speech_Male> So <Speech_Male> anyone listening who <Speech_Male> wants to meet <Speech_Male> us? There will be details <Speech_Male> coming <Speech_Male> sometime <Speech_Male> in October. <Speech_Male> Good. But keep that <Speech_Male> weakened open because <Speech_Male> yeah, we're going to <Speech_Male> head here or maybe spend <Speech_Male> a weekend at some casino, <Speech_Male> maybe drive to <Speech_Male> another one even. Great for a day, <Speech_Male> something like that. <Speech_Male> You know, there are a couple hours <Speech_Male> apart each, but <Speech_Male> it goes by so fast <Speech_Male> when you're <Speech_Male> with a group. So <Speech_Male> yeah, that's going to be <Speech_Male> a really fun time, I think. <Speech_Male> Good fantastic. <Speech_Male> And the other <Speech_Male> thing I wanted <Speech_Male> to mention is, you know, <Speech_Male> getting back to that <Speech_Male> variety <Speech_Male> of life and <Speech_Male> all the <Speech_Male> bad things <Speech_Male> or superstitions <Speech_Male> or whatever you want <Speech_Male> to call it. <Speech_Male> <Speech_Male> I went a <Speech_Male> couple days ago, Mark <Speech_Male> to get my <Speech_Male> Minnesota driver <Speech_Male> slice. Okay, good. <Speech_Male> Change my California <Speech_Male> to Minnesota. <Speech_Male> And we had to <Speech_Male> change the <Speech_Male> license plates <Speech_Male> and actually <Speech_Male> get new IDs. <Speech_Male> It's a long <Speech_Male> process. <Speech_Male> And so Lin and I are <Speech_Male> there and the lady <Speech_Male> who helped us, which <Speech_Male> was excellent. <Speech_Male> We had a ton of <Speech_Male> stuff to do. It took quite a <Speech_Male> while, but she was very <Speech_Male> efficient at <Speech_Male> her job. <Speech_Male> So she goes to take <Speech_Male> my picture. <Speech_Male> And she's like, <Speech_Male> okay, look right here <Speech_Male> and do this and <Speech_Male> do that. And I said, <Speech_Male> oh my God, if I <Speech_Male> had known I was going to be <Speech_Male> doing this today, <Speech_Male> I would have shaved my <Speech_Male> eyebrows off. <Speech_Male> And <Speech_Male> she <Speech_Male> laughed <Speech_Male> so hard. <Speech_Male> Mark, for like ten minutes <Speech_Male> later, she was still <Speech_Male> giggling about that <Speech_Male> in my <Speech_Male> wife's just totally <Speech_Male> embarrassed. <Speech_Male> Yeah, good. That's <Speech_Male> one of the reasons you do it. <Speech_Male> That's one of the reasons <Speech_Male> I do it. <Speech_Male> My only <Speech_Male> regret is my daughters <Speech_Male> weren't there. <Speech_Male> That's right. <Speech_Male> <Speech_Male> <Speech_Male> I'm <Speech_Male> sorry. That's <Speech_Male> what life's <SpeakerChange> all about. <Speech_Male> Minnesota is <Speech_Male> getting the doctor Mike <Speech_Male> treatment <SpeakerChange> finally. <Speech_Male> <Speech_Male> Finally, they're getting them. <Speech_Male> That'll <Speech_Music_Male> probably

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