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60 to Los Angeles. The president says it will help put an end to the pandemic once and for all. The head of the Food and Drug Administration says they're giving the green light for emergency use of the Fizer Cove it vaccine Commissioner Steve Han says. Although the vaccine was prepared and record time, he says, Americans can have trust and confidence it meets. The FDA is high standards for safety and effectiveness. Efficiency does not mean any cutting of corners. Medical products were still undergoing rigorous study in clinical trials. Important safety checks remain in place. The FDA is review teams continue, as they have always done to comb through the data submitted by companies regarding their medical products. Dr Hahn says they're aiming to be as transparent as possible. The FDA is making available information on their data review process as well as vaccine ingredients, benefits uses and risks. I'm Lisa Taylor, assistant nursing professor at U. C. L. A. Says she experienced side effects after getting the covert vaccine. Kristen Choice says they showed up after the booster shot. I had chills, nausea, fatigue, headache the day after that vaccine on Ben that evening, I started to develop a fever and that kind of escalated overnight. I woke up the next morning with a very high fever. Joy took part in the Fizer vaccine trials. Ah hospital in Maryland reaches a milestone as it releases its 1/1000 Cove. It 19 patient, Nicole Wilson has details. The 83 year old grandmother spent five days in Baltimore is Medstar Franklin Hospital before she was released to head back home yesterday. She's the 1000 person to be released from that hospital after being treated for Cove. It The woman says she's grateful to go home for the holidays. But speaking of holidays, officials in Maryland are urging people to avoid large family gatherings. They've seen a surge of covert cases since Thanksgiving him, they say. It's mainly being transmitted at family functions. Right now, Every region of the state is in a red zone. I'm Cameron Fairchild. Get it. Get it. Right. Talk Radio 7 90 K ABC news at 103. I.

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