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Andi, I think you know, with Friday night life falling on the 19th anniversary of 9 11, I think Brady took that is, you know being a leader? And just saying, You know what? Let's let's honor. You know the first responders from 9 11. And like I said, I know Brady very well. And I know his family. You know, the Bentleys very well. They're amazing, and you know, I just I don't think any point it became political and I know because, like I said, you know, Brady's mother's one of my best friends and you know Brady was very emotional and upset and hurt. When you know when it was said that he couldn't do it. You know a lot of times, I'd rather ask. I'd rather ask forgiveness than seek permission because experiences told me that you know, you just go ahead and do it and then deal with the consequences rather than Having violated an order. But even if you would have done it without asking permission, he'd still be in the same position. He is today and it's rare when a 16 17 8, general boy or girl. Actually cares about something as patriotic as the country. It's got a has to be bred into him. And because Brady's father is a police officer, he knows what's happening to cops all over the country, whether in Los Angeles, Kenosha whether it's an in many out of Cincinnati with a six night cop that was shot in the head during the riots we had here Not too many people Goto work thinking, Am I going to come home in one piece? But except for the Kevlar helmet, we would've had a murder of a police officer again in Cincinnati, there on entire groups of people who don't think about our country the way you and I think about it. And I'm glad there's people like like Brady Williams and his family who care enough about the country to suffer the consequences of their behaviour by showing support and I would assume the football team. Agrees with Brady and agrees with Jared. I would assume so otherwise they wouldn't come running out behind them if they were carrying some other flag, something political. That's different, but but the American flag with the red and blue line is not Political in his patriotic and not much difference in the American flag anyway, But I'm I'm proud. I live in a country with young people like Brady and Jared and understand their responsibilities as great Americans. And I have no doubts they see in the future. They will live long and successful lives. Yes, theywill Now what? Here's the question for you. Porting in this statement, and I'm reading here. Says here from a Bobby Grice. Who's the Who's the president of the school board? Quote. As the season continues, the only two flags that will come through the little Miami football Tunnel are the flag of United States of America and the Little Miami Spirit flag. The Board of Education supports this decision. District administrations. How would that sit with the faithful? A little Miami No, I think First of all, I think when the only reason I think Brady wanted to, you know, honor the first responders and carry the flag that evening was because it was 9 11. Great point, something that they believe Every week or that they've asked at all it all was because again, they're senior. Their leaders. You know their their father, their first responders, and the young man who carried the American flag lost an uncle in the twin towers. There was a lot of connections for those three boys for what they wanted to dio. This is not something that they're wanting to do every week to have this huge political stance, right? And not in other words, what way left that community So you know, I We've kind of stepped away from all of that. But I will tell you, the Williams Aaron Amazing family and Scott You know, he has done so much. I mean, the fathers have done so much with the youth program. They all have amazing kids. And like I said, this is not something that they wanted to put on the agenda to carry through the panel every week. No, it was a Friday night life as seniors. Honoring 9 11 9 11, not 11 on a Friday night. Does not happen again. For I I would think for seven years and it's unusual. Yes, And I think you know, and that's why I mean, I think there was a lot of hurt, you know, Like I said, there are very, very proud and again. Like I said, you know, Brady's family, you know, we travel with them with the like baseball and you know they're like family to us. So You know, they don't have those those agenda. That's not who they are. But they are very plowed Police family and that is how their kids have been raised. And Brady is very proud of his father. And you know, I'm so proud of him for doing what he did and saying with Jared Now the school board's said he was in subordinate sometimes in life. You need to be in subordinate in pursuit of a goal that is worthy, wholesome and good and If more people were insubordinate in the right way. I think America would be better off. But Stacey Thanks thanks for filling in the blanks, because you don't see this is every Friday night has already happened now the American flag. I think this this issue, Khun go into the background in the foreseeable future. Is that correct? Yes, yes, Like I said, I think this was a one time but honor the fallen heroes of 9 11 Friday night Life. You know, that's all it wass and it turned out to be something you know so much so much bigger and but my whole thing, and the whole reason I called is because I want You know everybody to know that these kids are not rebels and you know, not at all. They're great, Amazing kids, an amazing families and their kids. The first responders, So it really You know, it means it means ah, whole lot more Sometimes, I think families for and again my husband's a fireman. So I get it and you know, but I just wanted to give my you know my thank you. Everybody know how great these kids are. God blessing and let's face this many Democrats and Republicans that our first responders and cops this is not political. Used to be. These flags would be displayed by everyone without a political motivation. And hopefully that's the way it should be in the future. Maybe the good folks a little Miami and Warren County, Khun Display the American flag, the blue line and the redline flag in their homes as long as that's allowed Continue with more coming up after one o'clock today is a Nicole Frederick about what happened with CPS last night..

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