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Bet pj jaycox in the city of basaltic hasn't yet been evacuated that is good news seven forty five on colorado's morning news justin adams is here in for mike would look at sports rocky's with the day off yesterday today they kick it off then get tougher than the mariners oh yeah the mariners are twenty four games over five hundred to win very well on the year but so all the colorado rockies as as of late as the rockies a fresh off their sweep of the san francisco giants they are only three and a half games back of the division lead nolan era nado he loves the way the team is playing well right now especially home where we haven't flavor series win going into an off day which is super nice really tough to lose a game like that after the way tyler pitch taking the mound for the rockies will be her we'll be harming marcus and for seattle will be felix hernandez rather in football the denver broncos signed running back freeman to his rookie contract the broncos have all their draft picks signed for the upcoming season and freeman he's important because there's not a lot of experience at that tailback position but broncos quarterback case keenum he's excited to see the young man go in training camp i think they've all come along they've all come a long way and i'm excited to see those guys when they put pads on that's really when the competition gets going for the for the running backs you know when you put the pads on and see you know see those guys running downhill say it with me training camp starts on july twenty eighth can't get here fast enough in basketball two different nuggets players will teach kids overseas the game of basketball nikolai yokich and gary harris will be a part of the nba basketball without borders program in serbia the event will be allow serbian youth to learn how to play the game of basketball from the pros themselves and that will take place from august fourteenth through the seventeenth history was made in the usa see last night as rhonda rousey became the first woman to make it to the hall of fame together we have redefined what it means to be strong to be sexy we have changed what it means we changed what it means to fight like a girl rowzee was us's first woman champion holding the bantamweight belt for four years congratulations to her and finally quarterfinals action in the world cup starting in about fifteen minutes as uruguay will take on france and later on at noon brazil will take on belgium now be a crate game between those two teams with sports.

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