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You about some culinary creations about to be created by skills and see mace thirty yeah we're going to be at whole foods making some some fantastic food wine i think right i you're gonna make wine to i've well i'm not gonna make wine i'll drink it i think that's because it's good for your palate get some herrings vic people say that pairings with their food so the what would i know about class no you would know plenty about what is the style of bag you used to hold your bottle we are underway here now with the third period puck behind the nashville that rene stops it from tes to the right board into the gates of craig smith he got it out to kyle kyle tourists who sends it wide of biala trying to track it down tourists nudges it down goes down to the end wall and now a feet out in front first myth and that one went wife now coming down kyle turris to get another chance at it any ties it up just twenty two seconds into the third period it's to all that's that was a barrage rate there that was all guns blazing the whole line just attacking the park winning battles terrorists gets up blocking sends it down to seattle a pl is down below they work behind the net ends up being smith tiffy fiala pl is actually tied up down below and finds a backhand out in front deter stirs goes up under the bar rate above the glove of camper with a quick one timer feed from behind the net that was an aggressive attack right away obviously a message sent from latvia let's number eight kyle turris assists number twenty two kevin fiala at number fifteen craig smith time of the old twenty two seconds of third period tourists as thirteenth of the season proper yala smith at twenty two seconds finally tourists gets credit for his thirteenth and accounts off the face off the arizona zone scramble for the puck down low oliver reck with larsen comes out to the left of his net and a long pass for keller those behind the predator goal rene fires it up on the left side bounced off step on and said off the boards back to the zone blue line the murders to step on and now panic chips the puck over to the.

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