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You're listening to the news at this our Africa. Business Radio. The Senate has queried the Central Bank of Non Geria-. Older alleged unremitting three point three billion dollars from the twenty one point, three billion dollars collected Federal Inland Revenue Service as foreign tax in twenty fifteen, so public accounts committee off the Reds Chamber issued the query athletes, meeting on Wednesday, the Senate panels, said it acted on an audits query race against vm by the office of the Auditor General for the federation. The final quotes in the queries said while the IRS record, a twenty one point three billion dollars as the total, some foreign tax collector. In Twenty fifteen domiciled in the Apex Bank, the CBS on the other hand recorded eighteen billion dollars, the chairman of the panel senator. Matsu Ruggie Day said the cdn management explain the shortfall. The Deputy Governor of the bank missed. Ed Don had given an explanation that was not convincing to the panel states in the shot fall of three point, three billion dollars was nita missing on remitted. The Senate's commitee then directed him and other top officials of the CBN three points back to Monday with required documents on the alleged variations in the exchange rate. And that was the news this time Africa. Business Radio you can't continue to its life online at www dot Africa business radio DOT COM. OR REFUND AMICABLE APP. I am Rachel Agenda Thank. You for listening..

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