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And they're just so happens to be a skate park right behind the me as i was house like literally. There's a fence between them and the skate park like super close okay. So you're telling me that. The police think that the family was murdered by a skater. Boy with one hundred percents too rumor at this point but i did read online. That meteo had been seen arguing the skateboarders before he died about anything in particular. I mean i read that it could have been about the noise coming from the park. Which makes sense because i mean skateboarding isn't necessarily like the quietest of activities right. And here's the thing about the skate park according to the abc news. Australia article that i mentioned earlier. The park was getting ready to expand and as a result. The family had actually been paid to vacate their house. I wasn't able to confirm when they were required to be out of their house. Or even exactly how much they received. Compensation just got. It was like a significant amount of money. And what i can tell you and this is from another japan today. Article is that other homeowners in the neighborhood could have gotten as much as one hundred million yen which is pretty close to a million. Us dollars at least based on today's rates and so if robbery was the motive police wonder if maybe the killer was after that money shirley. You wouldn't just keep that kind of cash lying around the house. I wouldn't you know. Like i don't think this is like a normal family with normal jobs. So i don't think they're pulling like pablo escobar sewing cash into their couches or anything like that on the other hand. I didn't know them. I don't know what's normal for them and the family was known to keep cash in the house and not small amounts either. The japan times reported that yasuko ran a cram school which i guess is like a tutoring business helping people to get ready for. Sat's that kind of thing and she worked out of the family home and collected tuition money in cash right there on the spot and she did keep that in the house. Do police even know for sure. Money was missing from their house like at all. Well one tokyo police officer who worked on the case told japan today quote. Several hundred thousand yen are believed to have disappeared and quote which to me says that they're reasonably sure if not one hundred percent confident I read in wanda on magazine that the family kept a household account book and showed that something like a hundred fifty thousand yen in cash was missing but clarify if that's missing from like the house itself missing from like the bank accounts again. I don't know anyway. All that to say no one can say for sure at this. Point but robbery is definitely becoming a possible motive for the murders. And it's something. The police are looking more and more act..

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