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In Okanogan County. Now 70% contained the flames spread quickly. Over the last 11 days because of the strong winds and low humidity. The cause of that fire is still under investigation. Congresswoman Cathy McMorris Rodgers of Spokane, spoke directly with President Trump last night, asking his administration to fully support wildfire relief. Last week, she visited the Whitman County cities of Pine City and mauled in to see the destruction of the wildfires firsthand. Wildfire destroyed the city hall post office and a fire station and 85 homes surrounding farmland also was scorched. While in Washington D C Yesterday, McMorris Rodgers also hand delivered a letter with pictures of the fires destruction to the president. What was supposed to be a gift to cruise in the wildfire zone has now brought an apology from Governor Jay Inslee as we hear from couples Brian Calvert When Governor Insley visited fire ravaged areas in Douglas County, he brought some apples with him. The gifts of honey crisps came from the trees at the governor's mansion. The idea was to offer a gift those affected by the fire, but his recipients opened up the apple boxes they discovered Apple maggots. Maggots have been a problem in the Pacific Northwest since 1979 so much so that a fruit quarantine area that includes Thurston County was created, meaning no fruit should be transported out of the area. The governor obviously embarrassed issued this statement. Last week. Trudy and I wanted to express comfort for the community's suffering from devastating fires. When I visited some of these areas, I took some apples we picked from our tree in Olympia. We regret the mistake. This is a good reminder of the importance of awareness around Apple quarantine. Brian Calvert Ammonia. The operators of bars and restaurants across the state want to stay open longer and 100 owners have signed a letter to Governor Jay Inslee just extended a couple more hours, so we have a chance to survive. Austin says. Flight Path has every required covert protocol in place. Last call now comes at 9 30, he says. Customers then strategize about whose house Can host a gathering. It sends it off into an environment that's that's not a safe and isn't isn't following the mandated protocols that are required by the governor across town, Ethan Stoles, restaurants feeling the pinch, too. And losing customers because of the early last call. It means if you're seeing someone at 8 30 You're largely struggling with the ability Tio serve them through their entire usually to our dining experience. So businesses are asking the governor to extend the service called Midnight in an effort.

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