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My guest that's my offer for media Monday afternoon I did mention email I'd received content from the justice department by the Attorney General bill Barr who's also a central figure obviously about the upcoming press conference in Albuquerque by the Attorney General bill Barr who's also a central figure obviously in these impeachment seating governor Hetrick of all the ball Patrick just got a breaking story here and not really breaking from The New York Times I'll tell you about it real quickly here though governor Patrick of all of all Patrick Massachusetts we need more we need more Democrat is going to announce that he is running for president of the United States former governor messages in Albuquerque do we need more do we need more Democrats in the field anyway I told you Monday afternoon about this upcoming press press conference in Albuquerque by the Attorney General bill Barr called operation triple beam I do know what a triple beam was I probably should I'm not proud of that if if you know you know if you don't you don't not going to lead you down that path so the press conference was yesterday my reaction to this is in Albuquerque thank you bill Barr I'm happy about US attorney's law enforcement not necessarily happy my reaction to this is thank you I'm happy about it that result in rounding up criminal finally criminal not necessarily happy happy that it takes Republican Attorney General come to New Mexico to get some results on rounding up criminal violent criminals but I'm gonna let that slide I will put that aside Republican Democrat Donald Trump himself could come to New Mexico now sees result and I'd say thank you doesn't mean I'd vote for him seven finally clear thank you yesterday they announced part of this operation triple beam they've taken three hundred and twenty seven violent criminals off the streets they're treated well let him have their day in court make sure their their rights are protected you make sure they have a defense make sure they're treated well I support but I'm glad they're behind bars Republican thing I can't are you listed as I know no man city I support criminals are now this is a this is Republican things I can't support it listen Albuquerque is such a violent city and we all go to Albuquerque we all have family and friends we traveled in Albuquerque it's a scary town bill Barr Donald so anybody they can take the violent criminals off the street I say thank you in Albuquerque bill Barr Donald Trump anybody mayor Keller thank you the DA in Albuquerque Michelle Lujan Grisham anybody they can make us safer thank you and farming and across the state three hundred twenty seven violent criminals including ninety two people in Santa Fe and Farmington county and across this day him killer with thirty law enforcement officials from across the state joined Attorney General Barr including the burly county sheriff Kim Keller was not invited I used to Michelle governor Micheli one Gration not invited increase in drug production and use this specially but with the result the main reason people commit violent AG cited any increase in drug production in years especially math and fentanyl the main reason people commit violence in New Mexico twenty seven people arrested ninety one he said part of the violence we see is the narcotics problem for murder diva the three hundred twenty seven people arrested ninety one on our narcotics charges ten for murder thirty five ten wanted for homicide twenty had weapons charges thirteen wanted in connection with sex crime I have no and thirty five turned out to be certified according to the US marshal's office certified gang members dealers and cartels to hell with I have no love for gangs I have no log for drug dealers drug users I'd like to see get treatment the drug dealers and cartels the hell with you dot com in thank you thank you to all these law enforcement people for taking three hundred and twenty seven violent offenders off the street thoughts comments or a big yawn are you hate the idea because he's.

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