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In the latest Monmouth university poll suggests the twenty twenty presidential nomination process may be entering a volatile stage well yeah I mean if you've a freeway dead heat the poll results also suggest liberal voters are starting to take a closer look at a wider range of candidates moderates are focusing on those at highest name recognition another key finding that could contribute to growing volatility in the race is confusion over Medicare for all those a support for the policy is an important factor in choosing a democratic nominee voters actually prefer a public option over a single payer plan so according to my math Sanders is it twenty Elizabeth Warren is at twenty Joe Biden is at twenty that is a major change for both Sanders and Warren and a massive change for by that has Sanders up six worn out five biting down thirteen which is a brutal fall off the rest of the field is basically where it was before coming here stuck at eight percent don't know where Cory Booker stuck at four percent people to judge a second four percent my boy Andrew getting up at three percent I can regain his happy Abbas the nice guy will actually come on a dissenting show Biden apparently according to mine that has suffered an across the board declined in his support since June he's lost ground with white Democrats from thirty two percent to eighteen percent voters of color from thirty three percent to nineteen percent that is the base he needs and if that drops way he is tells voters that a college degree down thirty five percent to eighteen percent and college graduates from twenty percent to twenty percent most of Biden's loss support in these groups shifted almost equally toward Sanders and more in Patrick Murray is director of the Monmouth university polling institute the main takeaway is the democratic race has become volatile liberal voters are starting to cast about for a candidate they can identify with moderate voters are expressing doubts about buying because you seem as too old he seems pretty Gaffey Biden has lost support over the past two months from Democrats who call themselves moderate or conservative shift among those voters agreed to both genders and more which demonstrate they are particularly moderate or conservative right from Joe Biden to open socialist like Bernie Sanders and progressive hardliners like Elizabeth Warren what are the differences afterall between these various brands of voters my goodness Sanderson picked up a few points among liberal voters warrant has held up fairly steady the Monmouth poll also finds that by his loss whatever small edgy had in the early states is even a larger lead in later stages vanished to by June twenty percent or twenty percent Sanders sixteen percent harassed twelve percent are all in the top tier among voters in the early St Agnes looked six points warriors game five the media are in love with Elizabeth Warren dumping all over Joe Biden and we're seeing the results of that right now meeting the media coverage Elizabeth Warren is fawning truly funny there's an article today in The New York Times called the education of Elizabeth Warren by Stephanie sol and the entire piece is that how Liz with Lauren is a brilliant brilliant woman who changed all of our positions based on additional evidence about bankruptcy not for political reasons but because she is just so smart and so why is she even malleable interviews in the middle of these this is supposed to be again a piece that is objective journalism here is the piece right as miss Florence candidacy has gained traction critics have complained she's too rigid and radical in her liberal ideas dug into a polarizing degree against others with different views and can come across as dogmatic and intellectually strident at times some Democrats worry that such perceptions make her seem to left wing I don't look at miss Warren philosophical and political metamorphosis provide yet another perspective on her personality revealing a woman who search for answers and felt something she never expected and also her thinking accordingly as one of her friends but she's really someone who's willing to learn and willing to be persuaded I mean Edison journal has been right there so Mitt Romney switches positions the flip flop or Joe Biden can't find a position he's a flip flop Elizabeth Warren switches hers it positions and it's because she's involving must be nice to be the recipient of mainstream media love meanwhile Bernie Sanders getting clocked by The Washington Post editorial board which would like to see Sanders go down in favor of war in an entire piece today labeled Bernie Sanders is climate plan will take us no where well I agree but why that why exactly were you praising a sees plan a plan five minutes ago guys the editorial board of The Washington Post says it is characteristic style excited a class of left wing ideologues elicited I rolls from everyone else Mr Sanders has been more than two trillion dollars to build the wind solar and geothermal electricity production infrastructure through government run utilities it's been another two trillion dollars buying people letra cars we propose is totally electrifying car and truck transportation he wants to spend six hundred and seven billion dollars linking US cities with high speed rail Sanders and says his plan would be paid for through new taxes levied against oil companies cuts in military spending a new income tax revenues Sanders also promises to make his plan unnecessarily expensive I ruling out nuclear power as with every grandiose program Sanders proposes we're left wondering what the democratic socialist would actually do as president we do not know precisely what the most efficient path looks like it says the Washington post editorial board we are also certain and Mister Sanders does not the same media members who keep saying Elizabeth Warren has a plan and a plan to make any sense thank god lives Bernie Sanders cat this plan so make any sense yet we know was in your worship for Elizabeth Warren it's getting a little strong at this point guys Joe Biden meanwhile gapping all over the place in this is the biggest problem I Joe Biden was a crap candidate do thousand eight is a crappy candidate in nineteen eighty eight I can't get it multiple times and now he's running again turns out is not a very good candidate so just over the last twenty four hours is forgotten where he was and told people he is not going nuts which is always the mark of a strong candidate yesterday you forgot he was in Vermont I'm back I've been here number times last time was art thank god all the way back in two thousand fourteen but major before that I love this place I would look what's not to like about four month terms the beauty and one in the town I.

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