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Off Libor? Fam- this is your favorite coast coach. Jeffrey and I have two amazing and outstanding co host for this episode. I would like to introduce you to the incomparable. They see a curriculum technology coordinator with twenty years of experience in education and Texas Southern University. Hall of Famer Dr Michael Milstein in this episode. We will dialogue about the increased awareness. Andy for twenty first century skills and the covert nineteen era dry from the amazing book written by Dr Ken Robinson and Lou Erotica creative schools the grassroots revolution. That's transforming education. We will highlight four sees in his episode substitute and creativity for curiosity which they mentioned in their book. Back in two thousand fifteen and how they are relevant to us today. In twenty twenty so let's collaborate communicate and educate with the best educators in the world our flip board EDU podcast. Hey thank you good to be here. I'm excited to be a part of this adventure. Lacy helped fam understand. Who Are you? Well I'm a mix of everything really. I go as my profession. I am an instructional technology. Coordinator and focus on technology. Integration for a small district of about two thousand students and I jumped right in with this fulltime with us going through covert nineteen and getting everybody on board. I'm hoping the end that I'll have more technology integration than I'll know what to do with prior to that I worked a larger district and I was a digital learning specialists for about fifteen years and then before that I started my career as a classroom teacher Personal information about myself is we live in the country and I'm enjoying extra time on our land and enjoying all of our new spring animals and garden. That's arriving euro a wonderful educational technologies with the Green Thumb. Who also knows how to ride horses and Rodeo also I have here my mentor. Good Friends of just an amazing person. Dr Michael Milstein Dr Milstar. Welcome to the show getting me wheel and good evening to our flip board. Fan Laborde. I am very honored to be here. Which tonight hope that? All of you are faring. Wailed doing this. Covert nineteen pandemic. Hope that you and your families are all doing well. Dr Meals dead. Let's get a little informational. You would. Who is Dr Michael Milstein? You know I wake up every morning asking myself that same question. But I'm going to try to put it in if I am an educator. I'VE BEEN IN EDUCATION FOR ALL THIRTY YEARS. I have over twenty three twenty four years as a education administrator. I've been a high school principal middle school principal. An elementary principal was also a classroom teacher. For numerous years. I've taught college Houston community. College of also taught did you certification classes with Texas Education Agency. Osha recently I was inducted into Texas Southern University College of Education Hall of fame. We are very proud of. I'm a graduate of Texas. Southern University purview and University of attended Harvard University and all so graduate of the University of Houston. Yes so I could not find two more qualified people to be co hosts slash guests with me on this podcast. Omelettes GONNA run our football fan through the discussion points that we're going to have tonight tonight. We're going to be looking ED. The increase awareness around twenty first century skills in education specifically. We're talking about a book that was written by Sir. Ken Robinson back in Twenty fifteen and the book was titled Creative Schools Faci- and Dr Meal stead are going to just help us hash out some things that we just. WanNa make sure that our teachers are able to implement with fidelity in this new situation. Covert nineteenth situation. Although Kobe nineteen is new for the entire nation in the world. Good skills as a teacher. That's not new right. Want to say something about that. Stacy now you're correct. It's so important that we provide our teachers want to continue to grow with. They're doing and to build on what they've already you've got through college in you think. Okay I'm ready for this fulltime job and and then you jump into teaching like wow I have a whole new world to learn still Dr Moosa stayed with your experience with Dr Ken Robinson when he talked about those eight sees that teaches knee so specifically I just want to ask you about criticism that was wanted to seize that he had no prior to show. Stacey talked about the the whole concept of criticism as it relates to instruction in pedagogy. And it's one of those characteristics that I think that's internal things that is aligned with criticism is the ability to be able to take constructive feedback and grow from it and I think that you know if you have the maturity as a teacher to WanNa grow you want to self reflect the want to do in best interest a kid. You don't take criticism. Personally you take it as opportunity to grow and go farther and to extend that to your students. Yes I totally agree with you. Stacey I don't know how we fell on this one it. I've seen this in you and you hope everybody's feet to the fire but I've seen you working in compassion said light on what that would mean to you. I do think compassion is very important. I think it's one of the first things that you should think about when you're starting to build relationships whether it's with teachers or students it doesn't matter it. All functions the same kind of reflecting back on the criticism is you gotta be like a doctor. Milstein was saying you gotta be mature enough to hear and accept the criticism but I also think that you have to be good at giving criticism and that's where the compassion comes in if you can't do it in a kind manner and no I'm trying to. I'm trying to help you grow you and it's okay if you don't know these skills that you don't have these skills this to me just so important that we have that compassion so that we can help build and grow our leaders in our students as well and like I said I've seen you function in that all the while I remember looking at Man over here Dr Meals. Stay at some times where my composure was all over my face and I remember I remember being brought to this because you know as you know. I'm almost you know you could save written all over. This man right here is smooth as who boiled eggs. How will you know In you'd have had this conversation quite a few times will. Martin is never let them see you. Sweat and the other is sometimes manages. GotTa fake till you make. Yes those are things that I think that were ward off a decision. Just got to use those. So you know your composure. So important particularly when you're in a leadership capacity because people are always watching the leader and they feed off the leader in the schools and lay. No they have. Tanner situations have occurred. Man Sometimes I'll be Adam amount. What am I going to do but I never woke a never? Leave my office with that type of look of doubt uncertainty on my face. I tried already shift. I keep my composure. Our even tell my principals in the line at a lot of times also. We may disagree on a lot of things but we leave out this out of this office. We all walk out and we we go. We warn united breath. So composure is particularly I think Important when you're leading schools are leading a classroom. Reba for teachers. Things come up. I know teachers right now in this Kobe. Nineteen epidemic and principles. They're I mean they're paying with online instruction because all his new but if you look at a lot of of you get a lot of schools and a lot of teachers and principals at this time a lot of live like they really get it down pat and understand what they're doing so I was gonna say it hasn't teachers in my mind right now where a month ago. I could barely get them to use the technology in the classroom and they were just starting to just use it. Is Google classroom as a resource and now the teachers just running with it. And I'm just so proud of him and he's had a thousand questions but it's okay. I just keep answering every single wind because I see growth happening and yeah you're right. They're the leader of the classroom. And if they got it under control then appear to be than the students are. GonNa follow that suit. Based where do you think? Citizenship falls in our seas. They we just mentioned. That's a hard one looking at that one and I'm like I guess it's really just how you become a unity within whether it's your classroom or your leadership Dr Milstein was saying is hey when we leave here or the other. We're working together. We're in the end result is going to be the same whether we had the same views while we're heading in that direction were brings mom to my mind is Digital citizenship at this particular point is important for teachers are now aligned with students and there is there was always underlying issue with people while they're on campus in front of students and students have to be good citizens. Online teachers have to be good citizens. Online principles have to be good citizens online right and so we all have to work together. I look at that is the ability to just form a society where the urine face to face or online quick story in each goo that I live. I have looked at myself as the mayor of a small town in my school was the town. I was leading citizens and tried to lead by example. Because I wanted to be the type of citizen to display. I wanted my kid my students to be also my teacher to be so. I tried to lead by example so I think in leading by example as leader. That's what I tried to do. I don't know why I told. This story has a really good point. Because if you think about it. It's a hassle back to the previous. Three is especially the composure. When when you talk about leading being a principal's like being a mayor and you're leading people. You have to have that composure. That so they have that faith in you and that trust in you but also there's leaders who may not lead in the best way. They're more of a boss than a leader. And so I feel like the composure. Follows along with that citizenship..

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