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Of over 350,000 titles. Here's an I Heart Radio Podcast preview. It's a sweltering California Day, and Bonnie Caldwell is climbing the steep hill of the old family farm. That was this little piece right here was passed through. At the very, very top is a tall farmhouse. Bonnie's old home. Uh, it was right here 48 years ago that Bonnie told her fiance their engagement was over. I just want to marry you anymore. Bonnie figured that was the end of it. She was wrong. Phantom stock California in the seventies and eighties at first unnoticed and then unstoppable. Use a heavy atmosphere. Remember that? Where does your death will always do it? This phantom collected many names facility around Sacher, the original Nightstalker. The Golden State killer. From the Los Angeles Times and wondering this is man in the window. Listen and follow this podcast for free on the I Heart radio app number one for music, radio and podcasts, all in one Christie, Right? Ramsey personality is my co host. Today. This is the Ramsey show Kelly is with us. Kelly is in Warner Robins, Georgia. Kelly. What's up? Hi, Dave. I creepy How you guys doing? Great. What's going on? Can we help, So I have quite a few financial questions, But I'm going to stick with the one that I'm with right now. Um I'm one. It's a four Oh one k question, and I have seen and watched a couple.

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