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We are more with miss pat when we come back. Don't move the breakfast club. Good morning morning everybody is. Dj envy angel e charlemagne. I mean we are the breakfast club. Ms pats into building author comedian. And she has a story. Charlemagne got ask right there. Yeah that's my gay daughter. She when we tell everybody like that on the gay shots out. What did you out he was gay. You know your child is gay. You know we being denied. But when i first heard the word gay. My mother-in-law told me she had a cop was about sister. Barragan yes you likes. She's a pay. You need to put some olive oil impre over these key because she got a beer. I'll let oh eugene and he's a. We've got a beer. Well i can. And she was gay when she was second on him like. Oh she's talking around thing and is so i would say we're not really counting bought a book called illinois hair is going off the gay. You not download books. I bought audela hair and gave her. She can put them down. What the hell is in that book. I picked it up. It was a down low book. This girl in a fifth growls honi crowd. And i was like she gay so she. We never see been a prison for trafficking cocaine. And i didn't like gay winning but i gave me and was okay. So when she went out the college she count you know. Count as science started coming up so She ran. She ended up dropping out of college running off and doing on about three years. So finally you know. This is my child. I love i call. I've found i say look i know. Are you running. Because you think i think you gay are you gay. I just want to hear that your mouth. She say yes. Mother i'm gay. I said well come on home. He is cheap. Your still trying to figure it out. Free goofy take naps. Y'all split live in jersey. She was six foot two. Kim day only lasts a few months. And i told her i said you. Real data do you are a hero. America jail get caught I got caught because my cousin he had the wrong. She told you now. I count up to route because she was a juvenile saint. Both alba's along you said you almost a year a year and they went to stay with my friends and that was the only time in my life l. slowed down and i was like. Oh my god. I'm doing to my keys. What was done to me. i don't want. I have a son is thirty chief thirty two. Our son is thirty. One and i was like. I don't want my son to become what society thing. Black means are won't my key. My daughter do go through. What i went through and drop out of school because i may come from psycho every highschool dropout abuse drugs and i was like i got to break this cycle because i started praying. I said look lawyer. I need a black man with back teeth. They re i need you to send my kids back back to tv country. Back teeth back. Teeth is important in a black man because when you have a wig on speed no you from his side copy. Make you half faulty into the v. So i've i've met a good black man straight out. The military debt corre- don't punch cheeks in our friday. You wasn't quite my type kind of like a the. But i say you know what i'm overlook these you got a job. He's the first black man a credit card. I ever saw a re omen that prepay crap. Not not the russia. I mean a visa masked what a lamey hey you got to be to lice kinky daddy. I'm gonna deal with you. Married him hell you married. Yeah you help me. Write three thousand crack babies. I can't tell me about the time you then jail and you said that I guess that's what made you not like. She gave women. No no. i never got eight ngo. I just never liked gay. I mean i'm from the south. So you know i was told if you was gay. There was something wrong with But i realize in life a lot of times what you don't like god or putting your life so your daughter. Yeah yeah for your daughter. Change your views of yes. She made me open my mind to Gay people i mean. That's not how you told toe asked me was. I gave though you're like. Are you gay. And i was like yes you like. Well you better be. The biggest boat is bad is gay person areas now on the biggest boat is limited. That i am. You just saw gay gay over there top. I wish you were gay like ellen. She gave like magic johnson jada. He was snatched baby. I e j you god you like me look like obama. Mom made me wanna go get plastic surgery when a man can look better to you this way and we're women because i don't i don't i don't know the flamboyant gay woman look like because to me when a woman is really gay is more seymour. Manley this by she put a deal. Does in dishwasher ice cream mama. I'm taking my nickname will. Oh i used the like cares when i was coming up And my stepfather namie rabbit so Can use my government name. When i was a drug dealer so i i just used my nickname rabbit The trees to get teased. Growing up to t- yeah. I was poor. I used to beat. A musty. Key is so i t's alive i mean mommy's to do light. It was survival for herbert. Was embarrassment for us. We didn't either. We had light again but we never had both at the same time so a lot of time. Only we only had lights so to cook. My mom would start a fight in the barbecue grill. A fried chicken on the barbecue grill and everybody had to walk past house for school as a patricia. My mind their fried chicken on a barbecue grill chicken good. Yes that's all that bad. Bet you had neighbors coming over after piece pizza chicken. No mom either cooking butter beans on a barbecue. Ain't no cookout. Got your sense of humor from note because since everybody was teasing you you had to learn. Snap back to you. Know what Selami mama was hall. Larry so i think that's why i got my sister human for him..

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