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M hp is expected to win the most seats in parliament but recent polls suggest they could fall short of the necessary three hundred more than fifty million people will vote in the parliamentary and presidential elections and the prokurdish people's democracy party or hdp may hold the key to deciding the outcome from turkey celine garrett reports just days arguably the most important elections in turkey and many years and major rallies held here in his stumble and we are witnessing a historic moment the procure hdp's credential candidates still hurting tash who has been jailed for twenty months is giving a televised election speech from behind boss mr denver touches speech was recorded in prison and is now brought cost by the state tv channel a first in turkey's modern history he says he's unjustly jailed that all charges against him are false and that he's being held as a political hostage he faces one hundred and forty two years in prison and is accused of terror propaganda an hdp supporter sarkan ajar palm it's really hopeful speech on very strong speech i never seen in my life more than for all hours people are standing and we dispatched big moment all turkish and kurdish democracy two faces one of its tightest elections it's being held under a state of emergency and every vote counts the minority kurdish population could end up as kingmakers the hdp needs to win more than ten percent of the vote to enter parliament if it fails the seats would go to mr adorns governing gay kp the second most popular party in the kurdish region who's this omit shook is a respected journalist who was imprisoned for a year he's now running for parliament for the atp even though he isn't cardi took if devoted to business there's a lot at stake in these elections it some other of life from death not only for the government but for us to if they lose power the government will have to account for all the massacres tefft and corruption that's taken place over the past sixteen years but if they win i'm not sure what we remain of this country well the cease fire with the kurdish pkk militants ended in twenty fifteen curfews were declared in several cities and major military operations took place at crackdown on the procure dish atp party followed the government accuses them of having links to the pk thousands of party officials were arrested on charges of terror propaganda and nine and ps are still in jail vandy so not in touch is one of those jailed and he's being held in a high security prison in didn't it i've come here to meet his wife bush we on the northwest edge off turkey bordering greece and bulgaria she travels from the arbeter one thousand seven hundred kilometers away to see her husband for one hour every week recently president are on hinted that reinstating the death penalty for and she tells me she's worried or indicate along trip so latin is behind bars he's running his campaign from twelve meter squared sell trying to compete with the other presidential candidates he can't even call this a fair contest in democracy country how can the presidential candidate promises waters death and bloodshed that is what mr ardoyne has done this proves how scared they are of us one of the major concerns for the opposition is with the world will be free and fair the kurdish hdp fears votes could be rigged and voters intimated in order to make it into the parliament the party needs every vote and to gain position support in tactical voting to hd could also hold the key in deciding the next president if there's a secondround and president are on his forced into a runoff the kurdish vote could be a game changer report by selene garrett in turkey the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu's wife sarah has been in dieted on charges of fraud over the alleged misuse of state funds sebastian asha reports the police investigation into sarah netanyahu's been going on for more than a year known in israel as the residents of its main focus has been on suspicions but the prime minister's wife charged the state for private meal she ordered worth just under a hundred thousand dollars even though a cook was employed to feed the household indictment alleges that sarah netanyahu acted with a senior official in the prime minister's office.

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