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He can do whatever the fuck he wants. But i'm like good something that doesn't quite ring true for me when it comes to cody. I think he's a fine wrestler. Not you know he he. He's no. He's not the reincarnation of no karl gotch it's fine. He's a fine wrestler. I know people are in love with this promos i think. Sometimes he loses his way for every excellent promo that he cuts. He's got a couple of like. Oh boy okay. You could wrap this up. Now i'm not. A cody. Rhodes apologised like a lot of people not a lot of people but like some people are bought telia one thing despite how much of an eagle you might think the guy might have despite how how much of a self promoter you and listen you know what having any go and pro wrestling being a self promoted progressing. Those aren't the that's par for the course. That shit just happens no matter what you think about what i think about cody. There is one thing that you can't take away from him. And that is the fact that he puts people over in his company. He has put people over. And i am completely befuddled that anyone can look at what happened last night and say cody made this about himself that you're just exposing yourself as one of two things. Either you don't watch a w dynamite and then you see the reactions on twitter and then you like a kennedy real or you just completely utterly and blindly. disliked cody. Rhodes it's either orf but you're exposed either way. I don't think there is any any way you can look at what happened last night. And not say alastair black wins on all fronts last night because not only did he destroy cody and put him in a position. Where cody is like. You know what i think. I think i might have to retire. I don't think i'd got. I don't think i got it anymore. Not only that but molokai black comes back to take the moment away from county. So i'm even to a point where i'm like. You know the people who are like the code is making this about him. Should have been happy. That tommy n. Ranan to take the moment away from code and be like now. I'm not making this about you. It's about me tonight. Because that's ultimately what happened. And i don't understand anyone who sees anything else i don't i have no clue and in it's weird because sometimes they'll be angled happening and i'll get passionate about like fucking gilbert under. I'll understand at the very least. I'll be like well i can i. Can i can empathize. I can understand why they're doing this. I understand why they're doing the goldberg thing because he has a contract it. Yeah all these things. But here i honestly cannot understand. I can't understand how anyone can look at this. And not think that this is a net positive or take the opportunity to shit on cody. Because it was this whole segment was designed. It feels like it was designed for the cody haters. it really was designed for the cody. Haters cody gets trashed in a match. And then he tries to and i'm doing air quotes here tries to make it about himself but then gets trashed again. I have good friends. People that i respect appears on the time line saying saying to me. Well i don't. They should have done this next week. Why the crowd was hot. And it got harder for cody pseudo retirement and then tommy and runs in and makes it all even walk. We've been poisoned. They've poisoned the well for so long. It's like deput's fluoride in our tap water and trace amounts to make us don't be and then be like we can give you too much heat one week. We have to stretch this shit out. We didn't want the crowd to be really hot and then give the impression that our product is super hot. Wouldn't want it's so wild to me. And i swear like people whose opinions i i that i respect people that i like. All about cody. I'm like what are you talking about. And the cody stuff. Like i said. I i'm not. A cody rhodes guy. I'm not. I always thought he was fine. Worker very charismatic. That's okay like he has. He's maximize strengths. And that's all you can do in wrestling really. He has his problems. There's faults but there is one thing one thing that you cannot take away from the guy. I said it before when we started this sad again he puts people over and he has made stars for his company and anyone who will argue that he is the next that he is the new triple agent. They are bad faith actors. They don't watch a w they don't care about cody. They just want to be bad faith actors. They just think that they understand that they look from afar. I try my best to talk about everything that i talk about. Look straight up. it's not even equipped. I try my best. Everything that i talk about on this podcast. I have watched. If i'm talking about if i'm talking about a show from talking about match because i've watched it not gonna pretend i'm not gonna go on twitter and get the cliff notes if i'm not gonna be able to watch them. They're gonna talk about it. Just a simple and i feel that. There's a lot of people who do that. When it comes to cody. They don't like them. They turn off the tv. Or they don't even watch they. Just if you want to be fair absolutely fair. And i find it while. I'm here like defending cody when he doesn't need defending. But if you want to be fair you look back at everything. He's done in this company in his company. No this guy. Sure he's done some self serving things. Oh he broke a thrown. I don't care about that. that's actually. I like that shit. I'm fine with that. Let them more. Please break thrown every three every.

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