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New Jersey one at one point five news starts now. I'm generous sellout. Topping. Our report this hour, a crash involving tanker trucks has shut down a good stretch of route nine Marlborough. Larry Hayna, a spokesman for the New Jersey department of environmental protection says both tanker trucks are leaking trailer. Leaking diesel has lost about thirty five hundred gallons of gasoline in the apartment and the other truck is not known at this time line driver was injured and taken to a hospital for treatment, some local businesses and shopping malls near the crash scene were evacuated as a precaution. The cause of the crash remains unknown teacher accused of slapping a two year old girl at a private childcare centre, Manchester has been fired a parent of a child who attends the hilltop nursery school posted on Facebook this week she saw teacher named MS Linda in the purple room kneeling down yelling at the girl. And slapping, her face, the schools attorney said the incident was. Unacceptable and the teacher was fired after an investigation a verdict. This hour stern murder trial could come at any time. Closing arguments were today inside a Monmouth county courtroom Stearns alleged killer 21-year-old Liam mecca Tasmania former high school classmate did not testify jurors were shown a secretly recorded conversation in which MacIntosh discussed with a friend how he strangled stern and had helped her had helped dumping her body over the Belmore bridge Makati faces life in prison with no Pearl. If convicted police in Florida have charged New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft with misdemeanor solicitation of prostitution saying they have videotape of him paying for a sex act inside an illicit massage. Parlor, but the seventy seven year old has not been arrested actor Jesse smallest character on empire will be removed from the final two episodes at the season in the wake of his arrest on charges. He staged a racist anti attack on himself last month in Chicago. The announcement comes a day after small turned himself into police appeared in court NFL any charge and left jail after. Hosting posting bond. Smaller was apparently unhappy with his salary and was looking for publicity. A record study that examined how an economic shock like the loss of a job income and wealth affects family helped security. Find single mothers will spend more of their healthcare dollars on their kids than themselves. But there's no shift in spending in two parent. Families two parent families are simply better situated in terms of their savings their wealth. They have much more of a cushion that they can fall back upon of health economics at Rutgers Ellen mon- height says single moms are much more vulnerable with lower incomes, not a lot of savings, but they take an interest in securing the welfare of their children a mild wet weekend. But it won't last chief meteorologist ends arrows complete forecast is coming up New Jersey fast traffic in one minute..

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