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All right Matt so the other position I think we need to talk about his tight end now. The giants obviously have Evan Ingram and again as always there are. There are injury concerns with with. Ingram durability concerns the giants have Have spent part of the off. Season collecting tight ends veteran. Guy Like Levine. To eye to eye. Lolo on that brought back Eric Tomlinson. They saw red ellison retire. They have Cayden Smith. They have a couple of other young tight ends on the roster. They have a lot of guys but what I don't see at the tight end position especially with you know with the questions about Ingram's durability what I don't see it the tight end position or a lot of long term answers so again. It's another position. I don't expect the giants to Go and draft a tight end. You know in in the second round even in the third round. I think they just have other priorities other things that they have to do so again. We're talking about data three tight ends. GimMe Gimme a few guys. You think could be could develop into starting caliber. Tight ends day three range. You know guys who who could maybe be part of the long term solution for the giants at that spot. Sure you know and and one guy. We didn't talk about wide receiver. Who could wind up being tight end kind of in that Evan? Ingram mold would be notre. Dame's Chase Klay Pool. So if they decide they want to draft a receiver but they feel like he can provide them. Maybe that Evan Ingram Jared Cook type of play clay pools a guy that we probably should have mentioned earlier but for day. Three guys the one that really sticks out the most is. Ucla'S DEVON OSCEOLA Z. Who is a six three two hundred fifty seven pound Tied in who really came off one strong year because he was toiling behind. Caleb Wilson who was you know statistically very strong college tight end but really more of a move a move tied and kind of more of just a big slow wide receiver. Who's who who's going to have trouble probably making the NFL roster but had a lot of reporter. With the likes of Josh Rosen and there is no and all the way up until last year when he you know. He was kind of their raining guys so they weren't GonNa Bench him for. Maybe a guy like Ozzy Ozzy who's a more promising. Nfl fell prospect but you know was still working his way arrived later at UCLA. So you know. Wilson had seniority in that. Respect but Ozzy Ozzy is you know. Ease a decent blocker. Econo- reminds me of a mix of guys like Randy McMichael who used to play with the dolphins on a Georgia and algae crumpled former Falcons player. Who was a good run? Blocker could really do nice work after the catch in the short and intermediate ranges field and Osceola has that skill. He's a type of guy that has good quickness. Good footwork works. The middle of the field. Wells receiver has the suddenness to be able to make those quick breaks. You need against linebackers. So I'm a big fan of what I think. He could become an probably. He's the best option of those day. Three guys bryson Hopkins is an interesting player. He's six five to forty five. Probably can add a little bit. More Weight is dad. Was Brad Hopkins. The former left tackle for the Tennessee. Titans when they had Steve McNair and that Super Bowl team He's a better block than you would expect he. He has some work to do to bulk up and be able to win the physical matchups but technically yes. I'm pretty Nice. Skills in terms of using the one arm technique being able to slide and and stay square with players but he's best fit as an h back. Who can really lead block in the run game and you can use a little bit more as an h back lead lead blocker also an edge blocker and he has terrific short area acceleration So type of guy that you can kind of leak the ball out too. And he can get yards after the catch You know two other guys that I'll give you a few other guys here. That could be interesting. Thad boss Randy mosses son out of. Lsu He's not a fast guy he's extremely sure handed And he runs good routes. He's the type of guy that you he could win in the short intermediate range when you throw targets up to let him win But he's mostly going to function for you as a blocker and his a short area receiver. They have a lot of those guys already. But he's kind of a Dennis Pitta Heath Miller type of player who can give you some dynamic skill in the red zone But also be a fantastic blocker on. I think he's less likely to be on that radar But guys who might be able to grow into more Jose that Guevara out of Cincinnati Former wide receiver pecan add. Maybe another ten to fifteen pounds. He can work. At the line of scrimmage and not just be an age back but also wind down field. You're Delaney Walker type of player at least aspiring in that area. And then you know jared Pinkney Auto Vanderbilt many concerned him to be atop Titan class but he kinda showed you kind of regressed last year. Production wise so a lot of people are going to be on that but he's also a slower player but he's kind of a you know you think of Zack. Miller as an example of a player that that he that he could be a productive guy in the slower range but still very good blocker enough short area quickness to be able to stretch the seem And then maybe the last guy who might have the most upside and if you're going to take a chance on a guy late in the draft. This might be the guy to do that. And that's Cheyenne O'Grady out of Arkansas. He's he's a hard running. Tied will excellent hands toughness in the face of contact But he's been suspended twice by his team. is former teammate. Forty niners linebacker. Drake Greenlaw actually called him out for. Skipping practices went to high school together and call him out for skipping practice and skipping class And they basically team after suspending him twice essentially quote unquote greed. A mutually to part company at the end of the season So he didn't even really finish at his time at the program but when you watch his game. He has worked at develop as a route runner in blocker. But the physical skills are there and he's type of guy that if he can mature and a lot of guys. You know Nina Little Time. More time to mature at this age If he can be one of those guys to turn the corner and mature and they feel solid about him he could be that guy that that goes from late round pick to emerge into a really productive. Nfl Starter all right Matt. Thank you very very much. For for all of that information lots of players to consider at At all of those positions will be interested to find out what the giants do here in a couple of weeks met before I let you go and before we close up shop wanted to tell folks where they can find you on twitter where they can follow your work. What you got coming up all that good stuff. Sure you know you can follow me at Mount Waldman. Rsvp DOT COM. That's my sight. You also can follow my Youtube Channel Matt Waldman's as P film room for anywhere between you know five minute long videos on player prospects to our long videos Twitter my handle is Matt. Waldman WWL D. A. N. And of course there's the Matt Waldman Czars P cast with you know we share mark. Scofield you know and Mark Mark. Certainly he comes on every other week. I do a scout A scout talk podcast with Russ Landi. Who is a former? Nfl SCOUT WITH A couple of different teams and working with the You know working in Calgary in Calgary with the stampede irs as a scout right now in the CFL and we talk about scouting matters You know go in depth on that and you. Can you know if you're interested in the rookie prospects at the skill positions? You know I offer what is arguably the most in-depth comprehensive guide that came out on April first on the rookie scouting portfolio publication. You can download it You can find the information and I'm videos that give you Tours of rookie scouting portfolio at Mount Waldman ours P dot com and that comes with a pre draft addition post draft edition after the draft. A week after that and then Then I a newsletter from June through December once a month that keeps you updated about those players as well as the past. Three classes of rookies And The upcoming class for twenty twenty one so You know it's well worth it's it's well worth the bang for the buck in terms of people You know the people who've gotten it. That's what their Their thoughts have been for the past fifteen years now. So it's what I do. Full time and You know hopefully give it a look all. It's all definitely great. Information definitely worth the time and the money Matt. Thank you very very much. Maybe After the draft will will get back together. We'll talk about the players that the giants did draft sounds great. Ed All right Matt. Thank you giants fans as always. Thank you for listening. Stay safe out there and we'll talk to you soon. Bye Bye hi. I'm Brian and I'm one of the hosts of the Amazing Avenue Network of podcasts. Each weekday we bring you a different podcast. The covers the New York mets from a different perspective every Monday. You Hear Me Steve. Along with Kenan Lucas on from complex SOCLEAN's will discuss the mets minor league system. Every Tuesday an unforgettable. Join me rebel. They look back on the career of a less. Heralded Mick Hi. I'm Alison and with Maggie and Linda. I host a pot of their own each week. We look at all things. Mets and social justice issues in baseball. I'm Chris and you can catch Brian me chatting about the current state of the mets on Amazing Avenue audio the show every Thursday and then. Friday's we have Amazing Avenue in conversation where I talked with interesting people about the New York mets. So check out the amazing avenue. Family of PODCASTS. You can get us on apple podcasts. Spotify stitcher or your pod catcher of choice and as always. Let's go mets..

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