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I can't meet that data. Surreal and you don't want to be punished. What if you're surreal. And you've got the sense that god gave geese and i don't need to deal with francis anyway as big of a fight. That is bigger fight. Is john jones. Let me get something with him. I got a belt. I'll put it up. He says he wants to be a champion company on my belt. Sure they put intrum in front of my title but they ended up with champion. So what the hell's the difference. What would you do a hypothetical question. We're not confronted with this. But what would you do. If you're willing to work around francis the first time which is what derek versus surreal indicated. Why would you not work around him a second time. Particularly when what. I'm presenting for you. As a much bigger fight jones versus surreal and it would only be big. Because of the surprise factor surreal versus and ghana is on track to be the biggest heavyweight fight of all time and i should remind you brock listener used to be a heavyweight so the heavyweights have some damn big fights in this one is still on track to surpass that but the surprise factor of the immersion of john jones would get. Everybody's wow factor. Now john will never see that coming and john's team will never see that coming and john's next video will be posted doing bench pressing or running on a treadmill. It won't have anything to do with the brilliant idea that i just laid out for you. But what if and before you think. That's terribly far fetched. All i'm doing is taking a scenario. That's happening right in front of us in applying different names to it. It's exactly what dustin poor is doing right now. Imagine that dustin just like to have a negotiation as pertains to olivera and the person on the other. The phone goes. There's nothing to negotiate. You have a contract and you're the number one contender. Which means you drawn to this guy. Sorry we just have nothing to talk about. Maybe next time. Imagine that's the scenario so dustin goes out and he creates something else of even more interest and now dangling that he's not going to follow the architecture you put in place and not give you that fight now you need to steer him back and you see a reason to start discussing things. There was just a brilliant move. It was a very very smart move and when you start messing with championships you start to get push back from the media. You can push back from everybody but me. I love the interim championship. I love the f. And if we could add divisions add categories and do more belts. I would be all for it. I think there is a very limited amount of opportunity. A limited amount of recognition. I love the olympics. But the fact that they can only pull it off every four years just shows you how disorganized. The olympic committee is while it's more prestigious. It's not more prestigious that you don't know what you're doing well enough to do it more than once. Every four years abu he's doing that in the grappling world right now. Well we're the most prestigious. You're the most prestigious because you're the most rare the most rare. 'cause you don't know what the hell you're doing good at what you did. You put on more events than once every year. I only bring it to you because they can't get away with this. You're not fooling anybody here. So when you start messing with champions you start to get pushback if you start messing with contenders. There's no pushback. You start out. I'm going to do an interim title here or i'm going to spend this title or i'm going to move the date of the all of a sudden people wanna push back they never do it with contenders if this was all lavera calling out somebody other than pori so now. He's openly not given an opportunity. The number one contender. It's going to be a totally different dialogue right now. We have a contender industrial calling out another contender in d. s. It's very much unchartered territory. I don't know that. I've seen anything like it. A little bit more time to fully deduce what i make of it i can tell you right now. I love it. I love the concept. I don't believe we're going to see poor versus date. I believe we're gonna see. Portia versus oliveira. But the fact that we now have something to talk about. Dustin has to have something to talk about if he starts getting anything to define where he goes next. And this is what you're gonna do based on just because it doesn't put himself in a great position he's found a work around it was a brilliant move.

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