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Lots of. NPR tonight continue with Kevin Brexit true. Hopper. Well, thank you so much for joining us time now for our replay of the evening earlier this morning with Murph and MAC forty Niner marquees Goodwin hopped on to talk about that huge week one game in Minnesota. Against the Vikings all favor. Rollet wide receiver marquees Goodwin. Back on the Murph and MAC show. Bright and early on the guest line marquees. Great to have you back. I'm Paul McCaffrey. We saw down there in August. How are you this fine? Wednesday morning marquess. Good morning. I'm blessed. I'm just grateful to be alive today. Ios at the does marquees going to have bad days. I mean, you always waking up feeling good, right? Always I never have a bad day waking up. All right man has the vibe. Now, listen, everything was going so good. And then the jerick McKinnon injury it broke, everybody's heart. How are you guys coping with that in the locker room as an offense man, tragic to go through something like that, especially you know, one of your starting somebody who you brought in this organization and. The team, but we have guys who ready to step up and ready to assume that role in. So I look forward to seeing what those guys will do. And we gotta do it for Jerry this week. Nice. And of course, you know, in the NFL, this is the age old story. They call it next man up. Right. So all of a sudden Alfred Morris, right? I mean, did you know him from around the league at all? Or or what's it been like with Alfred Morris coming into the locker room? Yes. I knew him around the league. I didn't personally know him before he came to this organization, but I'd seen out for play when he was at the risk. And then when he basically led the league for one or two years in a row eighty really will in cows up as a scheme. So I'm definitely excited to see him play in the regular season game. He did his thing when he got in a game in a race either. So. I expect great things from you. And then the young man, Matt Brita? I mean, here's a young guy was not drafted at Georgia. Southern he's going to be in week one NFL forty Niners. Vikings and they're going to be putting a lot on him marquees. What can you tell us about Breda the looking his eye or what's in his heart? And is he up for this? I'm just proud of him the work that he's put in the dedication. And the the focus that he's he's shown them in as a rookie and being able to play in the league this so hard to make it in, you know, him coming in undrafted and just being. So athletic, and so well put together I'm just happy to see where he'll take. Well, he'll he'll take his ability this year. Now who wins who wins marquees Goodwin? Matt Brita forty sixty hundred two hundred what's it gonna be? Matt Brita that question here. And then you right in. I think we're talking to right? We're talking to the Olympia. Marquees, you know, it's an interesting off season for the forty Niners. Where for the first time in a long time there's expectations now people are expecting big things from this team. And I'm just wondering you personally, what your own expectations might be. Or what your own goals might be for the yourself and this team going into the season. I'll give you my goal for this team in just a wing obviously last year, we got off to a rough start. And so this year, I would like to show that we are capable of finishing finishing games the right way and not making a close as they were last year. Mature this year. Offense for a second year in a row. A lot of mistakes that we made last year towards the end of the games kept us from winning those games. So I look forward to seeing how we will respond to versity this year, and when we're down or when the game is tight if we'll pull through knuckle up and just you know, pull through with a win marquees Goodwin. Forty nine wide receiver getting ready for Sundays chip Minnesota me very exciting. Ten AM kickoff. And of course, marquees out there doing his thing with Jimmy G. And we've talked to you now multiple times about your connection with Jimmy Garoppolo. And I don't know if there's anything you can add over the summer. I mean, are you guys adding dimensions to what you do on the field. I did this summer workouts training camp. Make you guys that much more in sync. And how does that play out for you guys man, obviously any reps that you can get with each other well about timing and held out in different situations. Working with Jimmy has been a thrill getting to know him off the field and getting to know what he's about definitely that chemistry both on and off the field. So I look forward to play on for sure. Kitchen kitchen balls for him this year, and then, you know, your teammate Pierre Garcia didn't get to get that last year. Now, he's been doing it. I wonder if you guys ever you're sitting at the meal table, and you you look at peer, and you're like see this is what I was telling you about right? Hey, he's OGSM grew. So he's always read always prepare you see in India when he stole the ball from me out there. Hey, that's just the Tasman says are working and his determination. When a ball is in areas, he is in and I love him put up because he prepared that way. And when he comes to the game, it's like another level. So I can't wait to see him ballou to peer Garson Jimmy G, mat Brita marquees, go. And now we're gonna talk about the coaching situation because Kyle's coming into year two now Kyle Shanahan. So I'm looking up your career you played in the NFL for Doug Marrone and Rex Ryan, right? I guess one game with Anthony land. I think or is that right guys two games. Yeah. Yeah. So here's cost Shanahan. Plus he different from guys you've played for. And if he is going to be wildly successful. Why do you think that is? What's different is? I mean, he's just a little bit younger the coach. Wow. Yeah. But it is file is different. I approach today is different. He's so smart, not taking anything away from other coaches. He's definitely more relatable in a sense of his age and him being able to communicate with us to where we can understand and comprehend and and he knows how to motivate us in different ways than I see older coaches try to approach things. And you know, I have a great vanity for that. Because, you know, having a young coach a lot of the times, it's hard to communicate. You know with them not having much experience of a head coach in the league. But you know, been around town he knows his offense. He knows what he wants to get out of this offense and out of this team as far as winning games, he knows how to do it. So a knows how to communicate well to all we have to do is just comprehend it, and and master it up in NBA on the same page, and I look forward to that this year. So what you're saying is that Doug Marrone didn't get care packages from low Wayne is that what you're saying. Probably not. Got no care fact Lil Wayne, George strait wherever you want. Who is Rex Ryan? Rex Ryan might have tried to do something like that. Right. He was a character. He was a heck of a cure. Hey, greg. Definitely one of the best characters. I've been around in this league fun stuff last couple minutes here with marquees Goodwin. Always kind of yours. Now, we're gonna talk about the match up on Sunday, man. The Minnesota Vikings defense is no joke. It led the NFL in some key categories last year. And I'm looking at that secondary Xavier Rhodes is a super talented, dude. Harrison Smith at safety. I mean, this is it's on the road against a great defense. What do you see on film? And and how seriously are you guys? I know you're taking it seriously. But this is a real tough challenge week one. Definitely a tough challenges. Any other football game is planning. This league is definitely are nothing. Easy about it. No, sorry team is just different schemes. And so when you know facing the Minnesota Vikings whose highly ranked and a lot of different a lot of different stats. I really just started out the window and try to focus on each player and try to sniff out the weaknesses that they have and work with my strengths. And so far. You know, I've seen a few things I'm not going to expose it on the radio. But hopefully, you guys will tune in. Sunday. And you'll see you will see there will be well prepared for this game. And I look forward to it being week one. I'm excited the season is finally here. No more preseason. It is time to get this thing going. Yeah. I hope the fans are excited as I am perfect. Perfect marquees. Hey, and then finally, you're always so thoughtful, you've given us some great answers on big topics. And the man Colin Kaepernick showed up in the news with Nike, and they said believe in something even if you have to sacrifice everything. And of course, there's all sorts of reaction, the president United States said it was a terrible message for Nike the send. And I know you've been involved in all this. So what is your feeling about cap hooking up with Nike and the message that sending to everybody out there? I think it's beautiful just the opportunity that is given for his not only his platform. But. A message to younger kids that you know, if you do believe in some do not be afraid because it's what you believe in, you know, right, wrong, or indifferent. And I think that speaks to all of us as a whole we just need to come together. And not judge each other based off of what we believe in more. So just helping each other do the right thing and help this country move forward. And I think you know, Nike is a great representation of the opt out represented represented by Nike since two thousand ten man goes back even further if you couldn't count college. So, you know, I'm grateful to be a part of that. Grateful to be friends with capper Nick and his walking his journey. And I hope it is message gift conveyed in the right way to where people are able to, you know, open their hearts and just listen to the message that he's trying to stand in the world. It's not anything that he's trying to he's not trying to bring us down. He's not trying to bring anybody down. He's not trying to say anyone back. He's trying to get everybody to mess together and move forward. So we can find resolutions to help in this world be better for not only us, but our future. And well said as always marquees does it upset you that doesn't have a job a young man with that kind of talent. Unbelievable. It's very upsetting. You know? But you know, I know that God doesn't make mistakes and what he does. And so we just pray about it. And we we continue to have hope that he does get picked up. But it's unfortunate that he doesn't have a job. This is only because you know, he stood up with something that he believed in. So, you know, God willing he gets his opportunity, sewn, and he'll be going to feel. I we ended up with the heavy stuff. So last one back to the back to you and hyped up. And what do you have a routine that gets you going on Sunday? They're going to be doing that skull chanted Minnesota clarity. Alright. What do you? What are you gonna do? You put your headphones on and listen to some certain music the night before or what do you do the night before? Yeah. Listen to my music like and on com. Calms me down. Nice. I wake up in the morning. I'm all rat from Nanno. And when I get to the games, I generally don't listen to music, I like to listen to the Buna trash-talking because it's just fueling Mia. Glenn me ready. Yeah. So when I when I feel that in the stadium here on my arms will rise my hair on the back of my neck will ride, and that's just that's charging the flash up in the flash ready. So. Yeah. We gotta get ready. Yes. So good marquees one last recommendation serenade gospel about some old Aretha. Right. Not the misery Franklin, man. You know? I appreciate all she's done for generations. And all the great memories. And and the the great movie this she's put out so, you know, our ESPN SEC me this year. Yeah. Yeah. More keys. Okay. There's a reason why all our writer buddies gave you that media award man, you know, how to how to communicate at a high level. Yes, you do. Hey, hey, I might take on jobs. You never know. I'm just keeping the chair warm for you, man. When you want it only recommendations you get the afternoon show. So you don't have to get up early wake-up call man, that's harsh. Great monkey man, go go get all hyped up. And enjoy the heck out of you. And Jimmy, and Kyle and Pierre and everything and go do it. And we'll we'll be watching. Thanks for coming on. I appreciate. With the show on Twitter at Cayenne..

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