Walsh, Amazon, World War discussed on Make Me Smart with Kai and Molly - 36: 'The Man in the High Castle' has a lot on his mind


And yet the trip of nazi super science in super combat why are also thought the way that the american spirit had been almost totally crush was pretty realist for anyone born in the 1920s or later basically all the occurred book all they would have ever known was in america horribly failed economy than an air walsh and i think pretty reasonable to see while the characters in harbour much longing for the good old days i purposely read them in a castle prior to watching the amazon shoes two years later my main take away was the passage about the price of a cigarette later the reflected on how people value what he believe it a person believed that the later wasn't fdr's pocket when he was shot then it has a large value because the buyer believed it was rare that a similar later the two leaders are basically the same but are selfdelusion of value creates actual monetary value they may be all meta because that monetary value is just the belief in a fiat currency but money doesn't that our lives so beliefs do war reality really enjoined highcaste by can't see chat yellen's five being what to the coins say i don't think we run this economy by chance eitan think to rural run way perhaps the most startling observation from reading the book is that neither the man and the high castle or the grasshopper was heavy 100 percent reflect our current world but each of them was accurate enough to imagine that we could have ended up that way finishing world war 2 so how do we know that the reality were observing now israel are we in a third with that of some mixture from each of these two.

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