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Being a mom is the toughest job there is and it doesn't come with instructions. So it's okay. If you don't have all the answers, we'll figure it out together. This is mom brain with malaria, Baldwin and Daphne as. Hey, guys. Welcome back to mom rain. I'm alario Daphne. And today, we get to talk with our friend Brooklyn decker who is amazing, and she is going to organize all of our closets through her not personally. Up and going to do it. But I don't know if you guys remember clueless the part where like she liked presses buttons. And like she has outfits like come together. It's basically that but even better because it will link to your online shopping, and it will give you whether alerts and tell you, you know, what how to dress for the day give you different tips. So she's amazing. She's also the mother of two beautiful little munchkins one and three. So she's an it's a pact conversation about being a mother first and foremost being an entrepreneur to having a startup running finery, her her clueless on steroids app and us something we talk about which I think you guys are gonna love is the concept of self care, and how sometimes it can actually be more damaging than good. And how do we re frame it? And make it something that we redefine what we redefined in a really positive healthy way. That actually makes us feel better and more productive in our lives and not like. We're failing at one more thing. If you don't feel like you made time for self care today because ultimately, I feel interest one she's so highs, and and she tells us about her told us about her favourite deodorant, and how to take care of awesome short hair, which I thought you think about all the time. So do not miss his interview. Brooklyn. Welcome to the show. We're so happy to have you literally have on the makeup. I worded dinner last night. And I and I will go up, and I was like this is going to have to work for me today. Should we have her introduce yourself feel free to inflate go bombastic? Tell us just yourself. Some really good wonderful show do now. Yeah. Yeah. Perfect. Hey, guys. I'm Brooklyn decker. I I do too many things in life. I have a company called finery. It's basically the coolest wasn't on steroids. It's awesome. Sign up. It's free for now. I have two children three and one. I'm an actress on a show called Greece. Brayqih? I'm a mom iron tonight. I have mom brain. Which is what is this? Oh perfect. And I'm a friend in a wife and all those other things we all try to be good at well. Cool. Well, so this whole clueless closet thing. I mean, I think you've you've tapped into something completely genius. Because I think once we all see that movie we want that. Yeah. Obviously. I mean, I remember that plaid skirt the yellow plaid skirt with the knee high socks, and they..

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