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Um you the amount of guys that get on second base that have the ability to cold and relating dine like it just doesn't happen that much doesn't i don't i don't it's not the it bothers people and they get freaked out because a because of this sort of you know undercover nature of it but it's it's not something that i understand every pitch in the postseason was precious but it's just it's not that big deal that's just not i gotta have david rawson the podcasts sometime soon uh i think is when i've talked to him about i'm sure you have as well he kinda shrug shobin goes it's not that hard work around you just in spring training you come up with a series of alternate sets assigned so you got a plan a plan be a plan see a plan d a planning but he said those are the things you have to work on ahead of time and i've had some players this spring tell me yes spring training will be the time when the work on those extra sets a science because they are now lim it's to the mound visits broke thanks for doing this for you but we'll be back in a moment with nets pitcher shawn doolittle but first a word from me undies you wanna look good in your underwear and be comfortable right don't sacrifice style or comfort check out miandi says the perfect balance of comfortable fit every month they of new and exciting prints in they arrive at your door in a fun back and i'm i'm not line when i tell you this josh uk a couple of years ago we read some stuff from me undies and i got three pair at that time well that's pretty nice every time that i know i got to fly from the east coast the west coast or vice versa i plan on where biondi's on that flight because they're so comfortable that is out of percent true in the game back in the day buster people used travel that you know they dressed up in like suits and fancy grows to go on plants usually next repack me undies that's right from san diego up to new york yesterday i was wearing biondi's undies uses lenzing micro modell in their underwear it's a.

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