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That support for Scotland leaving the UK is strongest. We're working class identity is strongest. The old industrial Heartlands of Glasgow on the shipyards along the river Clyde in the west of the country, and here on the east coast in Dundee. Dundee is one of those places that impresses you very first sight. It's built on the Bank of Scotland's longest river the day on that spanned by two huge bridges, one for road and one for rail. This city was once famous for processing jute, which is a kind of heavy fiber used to make rope on D for its marmalade factories and for publishing Jew jam and journalism. They used to say At the end of the 19th century, the streets were filled with the clatter of looms from 100 Mils. Most of the 50,000 workers were women, and they were not blushing wallflowers, says Kelly Fairweather, a local business owner. Some people knock Dundee and I'm just like while the sun the women of the only people who took on Churchill when one tell me more about that story, so judge hallways, the MP in Bundy, Winston Churchill. Yeah, and, hey, he came to the Indiana At a rally and women heckled them. The eggs and two models are and chased him up before him Street You got into this cottage and never returned the one minute Dundee. They don't take any nonsense. Kelly, who has a background in management consultancy, runs a cleaning company and a popular cafe in the city center during the pandemic. The cafe is being closed, but she and her team have been cooking meals to deliver to those who are shielding. Or who have found it hard to make ends meet. Like many nationalists, she's an ex supporter of the Labor Party on believes independence would further the cause of social justice. Didn't leave. Leave a party Leaders party life me Over the years, Lieber seemed to forget about his working classes. I never, ever thought about squash independence growing up at that point and send people that called attacked and twenties. Quite right wing. Yeah, I never ever have been caught up in the whole brief heart freedom, blah, blah, blah thing, because that's just not me. Hell. He's talking about the Hollywood blockbuster Braveheart. Based on the story of 1/13 century Warrior William Wallace, another Scottish hero who fought to rid his country of the English. She's wary of being labeled a nationalist. I didn't see him SNP to the court. Independence to the court. And once we get independence because I think it will happen that I don't know if I'll continue on SMP, but at the moment, that's the party that offers me that choice. Think Nicolas Sturgeon is an absolute role model. She came from or what? Can class back and she went to Glasgow Uni. She did law. She's everything we tell our daughters to be. Don't teach boundaries going smash through them. And I think for me the Brexit that is one of the few votes I have ever cried about. That was well. I thought I'm never going to go back to being the unionist. We didn't want to leave the EU. We're being dragged to leave the year. But independence and unionism are emotional as well as economic issues Asked. Most people hear what their identity is, and they're likely say Scottish before anything else, But many others do have an attachment to the idea of Britain a strong one, and they say they don't want to be Scottish alone. We're here on the Esplanade off studying Castle. It's my favorite counsel. I just love it on a rainy hillside.

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