Bob Walker, United States, African Americans discussed on Inc. Uncensored - #123 Is a Business Owner's Right to Religious Freedom a Form of Discrimination?


Out in colorado von we won't walker versus walker manufacturing and so the ceos a guy named bob walker and he was saying you know he he's very religious colleague david whittaker wrote a wrote a feature about this company a couple of years ago and he likes to think of the way he runs as company has applied christianity so he's valley christian his father was christian at crying up his father started the business back in nineteen fifty seven and the boys sort of watched him apply the tenants of christianity as he was growing the business into him the separation between religion and business shouldn't shouldn't exist because one should be able to feel like they can be wholeperson as they're running their company like you know if one believes the god is in a sense like driving the success of your company why shouldn't you pray on the clock why shouldn't you be able to express who you are but the issue i press him is when that runs up against somebody else's freedom of expression right it's not just your belief that this is the way that you know you should leave your life in the company should run it affects your customers it affects your employees right you know women is of right exactly that's a really good point that you bring up that it's a civil rights issue because a number of pro choice ab women advocates i spoke with someone at the national women's law center in washington dc say that you know this is an all that different from desegragation there there was a time in the united states were were businesses would discriminate against african americans and refused to serve of example for you uh there was a terrific peace in april in the new yorker about the politics barbecue in the united states and the focus on chain called piggy park in south carolina run by a good guy who was also president of the national association for the preservation of white people and he refused service to african americans interestingly.

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