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Is that where it is? Now? This is I'm thinking of something else. This is right across from West Gate behind where I used to live. Okay, so I'm thinking of something completely different. What I was thinking of is that Uh, that it looks like a big ball, and it's right behind. Uh, that's what I was talking about. Here here. Yeah, so the sphere concerts the sphere. That's what I was thinking of is an 8 to 10,000 seat music venue right? This arena, which I was unaware of would hold. 23,000 friend of mine just sent me a tax forms right. Former UNLV basketball player. Jackie Robinson is the guy that's in front of raising all the money they're trying to raise, like one. Okay, so obviously an NBA arena 23,000 seats is more more than sufficient. I'm just simply saying, I think team Ballerina when it was built, But my first reaction was this is perfect for the NBA. Uh, no, it is 23. Thousands more perfect for whatever franchise comes here. As long as it's a Yeah, As long as it's a franchise that can win. Uh, I'm not so sure. UNLV football. I'm sorry. I said it should be playing in an arena like that, But, yeah, they have a legion. That's right. But, uh, you know, I love complimenting you interview football. Oh, jeez. Well, listen, I wish Coach Royal all the best. I would love to tell him that in person, but he doesn't allow members of the media to watch some of his practices, so I can't do that. But, uh, but anyway, I wish Royal and you could have went over to media. David and he was very one yesterday. Today I was here. I'm sure that was, uh, extremely, I'm sure he was extremely forthcoming with very good man. I'm sure. Yeah, It was my first time actually, meeting and the shaking his hand and he was He was great man. As far as said what he had to say about, you know, looking being positive, keeping the glass half full and everyone here regardless of what we think about what he's doing, or what, not we all Would prefer, you know the football to be good. Of course. Absolutely. Let me tell you the year that UNLV made it to a ball game. Um, that was that was a lot of fun. And it was nice to see the players getting rewarded. That was when Bobby Hawk was here. Gosh, that's the only time they waited to a bowl game. And what the last decade Plus, that was when Caleb my friend, Caleb Herring, it was. It was a great dude who's been on this show before. Who was the quarterback out there, But come on, man. Coach Arroyo Give me a break here. You got the facilities. Now, This is year to win some football games. This isn't Embarrassing when some football games it's not all on him. I would never say that, but it's time to win football games and at least give yourself an opportunity towards the end of the year to make a ball game. I don't think that's asking too much. The Mountain West Conference is not exactly a college football powerhouse. Uh, win some games. Give yourself an opportunity. I think that is a very reachable goal. But I wanted to ask you, Brian. There's a lot of things to do in Vegas this weekend. We had some of the organizers of this charity baseball game, which is going to be tomorrow at Las Vegas Ballpark. Uh and Marcus Allen is going to be there. You've got all the, uh Riley Smith. All these former and current Vegas Golden Knights players. By the way, I've noticed Really, really fun Baseball game tomorrow. Remember a couple years ago, my man Anderson Hunt was hit a home run. Jose Canseco wasn't part of that. A few years ago, there's going to be a Greg Maddux, Brian. Yeah. Why? You're not playing in it tomorrow. Uh, we had the exclusive rights for it last time as a free and this time we do not so they didn't invite King anchor Brian Salman. Well, Brian, I'll tell you something. They didn't invite me either, so and you're much more important than I am. Uh, what happened? Put that on the back of my jersey instead of Salman this time, But this is such a cool event, isn't it? I mean, they raised a lot of money for charity. It's it's These guys are competitive, and it's fun. I heard it's going to be a sellout. I'm certainly going to check it out tomorrow and and the fact that I forgot about that. The fact that you actually played in it, and you were a big part of it a couple years ago. This is a really cool event, doesn't it? Oh, goodness. Yeah, it was. It was a very, very grand. It was a fun event. There was a lot of fun. Uh, I got a chance to be in the locker room. They had our uniforms in the losses. Just like I was a professional athlete. You know what I'm eating. My locker is right next to believe Arden Key, and all the different players are down there. The Raiders and the Golden Knights getting dressed in the locker room, talking trash. Uh And then, as he said, it was sold out last time. It's all about this. Amador sold out last size like having myself on the Big Jumbotron when they announced my name. I mean, it was. It was a certain man. It was so much fun. That's that's pretty cool. So Brian there was an announcement yesterday. That two major college basketball games are going to be played in Las Vegas to start the season, one of which is a replay of last year's national championship, which is U C L A and Gonzaga talk about that. Wow. I didn't hear that. Wow, about that one. We already we, That's great. Um, we know that Gonzaga For the most part they want Las Vegas and it's someone is like their second home. More so than Seattle. Yeah. Absolutely love coming down here. That conference was coming down here. But, uh, wow. Your leg and saga played here. Rematch, Mother. Actually, I did hear about that. Yeah, I got the press release about a month ago. I forgot about it. That's going to be fun. Uh, Final four game, though, when you think And when you silly? Yes. So, the Orleans Arena as you know, the games are sold out when Gonzaga place there in the West Coast Conference tournament. This is going to be obviously a sellout. Uh, it's gonna be phenomenal college basketball experience to really great coaches and two really good teams. I don't know how good Gonzaga is going to be. But from what I've heard, they're going to be almost as good as they were last year. If not better, So this is going to be this is gonna be fun. I don't know about better. I mean, they won almost every game by 30 points. I mean, it was supposed to be good. They signed the number one recruit in the country. I believe I understand nothing on that. But anyway, we we have your joining us. Brian Salman King anchor Sports Channel three I'm talking about some of the events and ongoing, uh, in Las Vegas this weekend. Of course, The aces are back playing basketball after of the W..

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