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The bills you struck shurmur in the united states tennis and and i think that's probably the better whitaker also will have a couple love managers minutes on their dog work requirements them refundable credit adjustments but that's pretty much going to be a now jason you're smart guy so glad that he read the post pace i want to use the tax cut have you got the that have any traction i mean we are not being very creative here we can use that that scout well i don't think it does in this we're going to have this huge just on thursday look this is the best we can do right now we're going to get it get the ball rolling with going forward and struck in avenue to look yeah and i'm not opposed to that oh we are going to tackle tactical him if you well know once we get in depth why eighteen getting this done through record so efficient enough quite seventy that are the sequence here and you you might be just ahead of the sequence a little bit so if the set a man's descend back addition all out regulatory change and where you support that because i think the senate on away and on this stuff to on no question on that take a look at that i mean our job in the house we did it in budget last week which i'm the senior the freshman member but we get it there now we get do in the fall house and then let the senate handle at this is our job in the house right now i can't control of goes on over there but we will definitely scrutinize what half jc got to go sit down with the president don't keep him waiting that's not a good thing at the net the thank you jason lowest hey american thank you for listening i will post actually dwayne will post the body on transcript of the conversation with great walden which is already up with tom price which will make a lotta news and with jeff like which will make a lotta news because we make the headlines we don't jason here let me close with just a pitch deal why am i always energized yeah i know i get up to fifty.

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