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The wgn chicago weather center rest of the overnight we should have some showers coming into the area after about one o'clock in the morning might have some thunderstorms embedded within those showers it'll be breezy alone around forty seven on monday those showers should be scattered throughout the day patchy fog windy conditions a high near lake front only fifty nine about seventy further inland temperatures around the area right now forty eight at o'hare and forty nine at midway and mid lowthian fortysix along the lakefront forty fifty sixers your lake michigan water temperature wins out of the north at six i'm roger badesch wgn radio newsroom this is the stuff that matters on chicago's very own seven twenty wgn welcome back to after hours with me recognize my unbelievable pleasure to have in the studio jennifer inks from i have so many favorite actresses and all of them seem to work for a red orchid amy morton word is at steppenwolf but you and natalie was welcome and time vic she wants to join the yeah amy there's a free to youtube billy youtube billy can come over there he is performing at the monday night at seven o'clock at the american writers theater which american writers museum or hall of fame or whatever it's called the one eighty north michigan it's new space on the second floor of a of a high rise on michigan it's a nice new space have you seen i have i've see i've star attraction well we're gonna go in early tomorrow her set up the space to accommodate a performance because that wasn't you know built in to the museum but there is one sort of open room that will lend itself well to that we're we're hoping you're gonna do dorothy parker again that is how we first met you came on one of the previous radio thing early in my career yes the early curlers in my hair i remember that part of your costume literally curling my hair overnight and you were so early that i still had my hair did bits from the.

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