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Am seven sixty kfmb news of their tomorrow at promises to be a memorable new year's eve in many parts of the country if only for the fact that it's going to be very kohl's maybe even recordsetting in some places this roman in wisconsin says she enjoys the cold weather but this kinda cold weather is a real task steven for people like her think we are asking face them cold weather a little too much catching up with us now fat i live in this conference idea let it dennis johnson with the coney island polar bear club says his group will go ahead with the planned deep in the atlantic tomorrow quoted so mean swim every day from on november through april and we've never kim told a whim due to the cold weather and the colder get more people enjoying described it of ball it cold now bad folks who gather in science where for new year's eve will be tested by extreme cold possibly the coldest new year's the ball dropped since 1917 the freezing weather extends even into the deep south cbs news update i'm sam litzinger yeah now from the studios of you they'd why local then he goes talking and breaking news news this is am seven sixty new details about imperial peach official killed in mexico i'm cheat again that's one of the stories we're following on am seven sixty and imperial beach city official was shot and killed in mexico on thursday dug bradley who resided in playa sda tijuana was killed after being chased by gunmen in the resort.

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