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Quite care about separation powers are just most fundamental aspects of as accountability in oversight on the stars california's concerned yeah our economy is continuing to grow it's it's even we need to make sure that are in lind areas our continued to thrive as as well as our coastal areas but our economies continuing to grow like you said arced the six largest economy in the world we have the best public university system in the world are unemployment rate continues to drop so california is is continuing to prosper for universe system thing overseas system which you have said publicly is under attack in many ways to oh yes absolutely yeah the president tweeted because that's what he does about you know suspending are counting accounted what he said responding to the university california system with your team begin to think about what who that the graduates at the system has produced in a while stuck to system has produced in the great minds that that's system has produced for someone to to speak in those terms as is irresponsible but actually quite consistent with with who he is let me give michael on her michael join us here on oh i their i'm from catcher rally and i hope the speaker kinda maybe focus was very local government issues for on incorporate communities were about ten percent stake populations instruction we we really need before we don't have an art media fifty three thousand and the ability to vote a local cal full on.

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