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Born with the Premier League trophy is made of silver with a gold crown ways tanking grams the longest distance between Premier League clubs three hundred and fifty four miles. That's newcastle. United take on both. Did I do? Son of always doing the old man proud that. Right back with Alex. And Tom in the studio lattes come on. All right, lots always had labs last lots sounded really loud. -i the way. Great season. Well, we need to have a quick overview. Okay. Okay. Thome Alex goal of the season goal is as it actually take it away. I would say on a boom mentioned to Andros Townsend away at city the volley in December puts put palace to one up and it's on the one free too. I think it was it was such an incredible. Hey, the camera struggle to kapot pot with a bowl this zoomed in of baron speeded ago. Do you know, I don't know that foster then the camera can keep up with Jane. I'm going to choose not just for the goal. Voi- potentially could signify Vincent company against LeicesteR on Monday night. Just an incredible with face are found. So funny looking back, right. You got these lands beyond the goal. Oh, gone to the toilet will compensate weather like back to the action. They've completely missed it. Then you say run back in. Why if you'll go let you go your captain lineup yards from goal, whatever. Okay. If nature calls nature calls fair enough, but we'll backwards. He can see. You may pay who moments in the season. But even on Twitter at the end, these guys I've missed the also thing. So you'll piece of advice of the game is to walk backwards up. The stairs. If you're watching match. Well, if you need to go to the toilet yet. But then just hold in twenty minutes ago holding comedian policy goal of the season. Tell me you're gonna say our Ramsey Oni. Well, no, I was going to say in the snow Tottenham game, the lack. The lack of that did in this game. Emory's really cracked it because the whole crowd will behind us snow spasms finish above you all season. But then there's this whole retribution for that. And also at the time there was really really good form. Okay. Emory's where is a massive game spas. Come to town to fake light comprehensively. But then as also do crumbled. Do we agree with us on plan the season Van Dyke? No, no. He's been incredible Liverpool long had difficulties with that defense. I'm going to go Ryan sterling for many reasons, really, I think. Combined golden safes in his three appearances twenty-seven, which is incredible. It's not just talent is what represents the stuff is at to deal with this season. Chelsea away will the knuckle draggers racially abusing in that stuff that gets written about which is just offensive, and he's he's put himself on a pedestal really Sony people cop so in he's done so much charity work he donated all this money to the Grenfell disaster fund, and he's become a role model for so many young players and young black players as well foot will rise pyre the Young Pioneers. Well, fantastic fantastic oversee. But it's not just we can use Ajaz about. Yeah. Great goal was great technique, whatever. But what sterling has done often deserves? It is part of the. I was gonna say genuinely was going to say and do because I like his hair. I oft about. Wow. That was like a politician speech agree, though. Yeah. Of course. Yeah. I would agree with that. Also studying is one of these players when he picks the bull with his feet. No. Catches the bully believable when the bullets pasta lands of this feat. Yeah. Something magical can spock's. Yeah. Sparks fly people get excited. And that's I don't think we've had a an English player like that full for many years. He was lost. But like gas going when he's picking people excited post. Puskas is more. He was going to pass forward. Running direct running potential goal threat Rooney Rooney was a bit more of a shooter shooter. These early officially SPN. Okay. Right. What about surprise of the season? Now, there's not been that many sackings manager seconds have those four. Tell you. What was when pay? We'll talk about surprises right is when they go always wolves a surprise. What was isn't a surprise? So many people in the summer guy bet you what was going to surprise you. Not surprising. I suppose you could say it's a surprise to seems got ninety plus points never happened in the permanent before liver point saving going to see one of them can't win it. So it's a surprise. You know to have got that amount of points that just shows you how poor and fall behind the rest of the league in my opinion. Do incredible ons. Game legal game in you say what is your surprise the off? No clubland of stop serving Guinness. That's a real shock. When I go to drink an awesome game. To drink in you to drink in your seat. No, I'm not thin. This one's become drink the seat often Derek will complain oh smash Derek's head.

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