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The huge storm surge reporter from south of jacksonville north to charleston south carolina st john's county sheriff david shore says people have to stay put stay sheltered don't go sightseeing don't be curious be thankful for what you have and let us do our job crews are already clearing the mass in downtown miami who is a little bit more damage than i expected based on their trajectory of the storm as you're told us dollars going out of it far less but i think of the storm was so large we still got a pretty decent amount of wind and rain and some pretty bad weather now storm arm as expected apportioned alabama and other states i'm tim mcguire a country music stars been killed in a helicopter crash ap correspondent jackie quinn reports that happened on the way to a show in new jersey oh boy gentry of the countrymusic duo montgomery gentry was fifty years old he was the passenger in a chopper heading for the flying w airport in mid for new jersey we he and bandmate eddie montgomery were due to perform montgomery wasn't on the helicopter but the 30yearold pilot also died in the cross veron montgomery gentry had 5 number one hits on the country charts and was inducted into the grand old opry in two thousand nine i'm jackie quinn bad news for hamilton clams in britain the london opening of the hit musical has been pushed back promoters the friday the official opening they will be december 21st following previews that begin on december six the show had been expected to open in late november but has been delayed by renovation works of the va victoria pows theater theater owner and hamilton coproducer cameron mackintosh said restoring these story building is taken more time than expected and he's sorry to change the performance schedule producer jeffery sellars of those with tickets to shows that have been cancelled we'll be accommodated other dates as quickly as possible artist andy warhol and writer truman capote talk for dozens of hours about riding a new play in the late 1970s now those taped conversations are finally the basis of a new play called warhol capote it's at its world premiere the american repetory theater in cambridge massachusetts tony award winner michael mayor directs the place stitches together four conversations that war hauling capote recorded fifty years ago capote's best known for writing in cold blood and breakfast at tiffany's.

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