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Yeah that's i mean that's probably about the time it's hours right. yep Now it's like it. Lives one every thirty five minutes. Forty five minutes. Thanks because the measure the way they it how you feel about that like did you feel as though the was it just like let's go with the times or was it. Well i'll when i was a programmer. It was still do that because we still wanted to keep the audience but the fun was the to new records. You've got to play right to was a g new our true like so when you pick especially when it's either an album cut that nobody else's playing or we still have the tracy chapman and like living. That was like putting something. That other won't dare right right. That's what it was like okay. So here's a question. How long would a song have been on the station before it hits heavy rotation akasha to test my memory. Ten weeks okay. So what works itself up from light medium to heavy rotation and it was sanford heavy rotation for like on average if if it was. What was the tony. Terry song you. Tony terry stayed on for like a half a year. Oh god still to this day. That song would not put bulletin that thing and it would not who determines the life of a heavy rotation you do research once you once you have a song on their you call out resume no more college research. You call a different people in play hooks for them over the phone when you find out how it selling down at nubia notion in dudley square in boston in front of how selling it. Strawberries and tower. And so you find how people are engaging with the zone so if you've ever gotten promo cd and wondered why call research tracks two and three their only seventeen seconds long. That's why yes. Wow so we will always want to find out like replace stuff. But do they like it. Do they not like. I'm sorry i can't get off radio. Abc radio bikaner still transitioning to further your career question so once you became a producer for the tom joyner morning. Show what you feeling a little bit more more free less stress situation because ninety four more stress around music..

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