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A murderer became less a TV show than a force of nature. Is it uncovered a grave injustice in the criminal Justice system? It was also completely dishonest. And I would know I'm Dan O'Donnell, I covered this Steven Avery and Brendan Bassey trials. And now that making a murderer is back. I am to with part two of rebutting three butting. A murderer is now on the free. Iheartradio app is just open the app and Taft podcasts. News, traffic, weather and business reports. This is WBZ NewsRadio ten thirty. Boston and all of New England. WBZ news time twelve nineteen partly sunny right now. Forty seven degrees in Boston. Good Tuesday afternoon. I'm Tina Chow WBZ news. Thanks for joining us. Top stories now, President Trump says he is strongly considering an executive order ending citizenship rights for so called anchor babies. These are children born on US soil, whose parents are non-citizens or illegal immigrants. The funerals are beginning for the victims of Saturday's synagogue shooting in Pittsburgh, three of the eleven victims are being buried today and Columbia gas has finished the gas pipeline construction project in Merrimack valley. Three weeks ahead of schedule. The company is now focused on in home repairs. Happy dance on Wall Street. The numbers are looking fantastic. The Dow is up one hundred and eighty nine points, NASDAQ is gaining about fifty seven and the S and P five hundred is up nineteen points medical marijuana is legal here in Massachusetts. So as recreational although sales retail. Pod are still up in the air WBZ's. Ben Parker tells us there are also a lot of questions about the new industry during talk the vote at Nichols college. Nightside with Dan Rae talked cannabis the topic of operating under the influence came up. Something Walpole police chief John Carmichael says has its limitations we have drug recognition experts, which are specially trained officers that can bring somebody and give them tests back at the police station. The problem with that is that we don't have what's called implied. Consent. Like we do for alcohol. Michael is on the cannabis advisory board any oh, you I commissioned Michael Dundas, who's president of Sierra naturals, which sells marijuana products and says they worked to educate their users providing education on the dangers of driving while intoxicated on the dangers of taking too much at any given time. Those are things that we can do in partnership with law enforcement. Ben Parker WBZ NewsRadio ten thirty. Now. The story is charged with homicide defendant guilty or not guilty guilty. Brad Kessler, the driver. Involved in a twenty sixteen sweet tomatoes crash in Newton is set to be sentenced on November twentieth. The jury of five women and seven men found Casler guilty yesterday on all counts Casler was on trial for two motor vehicle homicide charges and one charge of operating to endanger his SUV drove through an intersection in Newton and crashed through the pizza. Shop killing a thirty two year old man and a fifty seven year old woman. Kastler's bail was revoked after the guilty verdicts despite his medical concerns and challenges Casler defense attorney blamed his m s for this crash and says his client should not be held criminally responsible. Casler could face up to seven years in prison. WBZ news time twelve twenty one family of a New Jersey woman who died during a pancake. Eating contest has now suing Sacred Heart university. Scott Pringle has more details. Lynn Nelson choked on pancakes on campus in two thousand seventeen and died days later and now our Clark jersey families blaming Sacred Heart for being negligent allowing this pancake eating contest to happen. The lawsuit filed shows officers who tried clearing her airway found the college students mouth was compacted with pancakes almost to our teeth in that the pace was like concrete. The lawsuit seeks monetary damages. No comment from Sacred Heart. Scott Pringle, NBC. News Radio Connecticut, and you Hampshire juvenile murderer is resentenced today from life imprisonment to forty years. Robert dingman was serving a life sentence for killing his parents when he was seventeen he and his then fourteen year old brother shot their mother and father to death in ninety six and spent a weekend partying after hiding the bodies in the attic and basement, the younger, brother. Was released five years ago digman was sentenced to life without parole. But is getting a second chance after the US supreme court said no to mandatory life imprisonment for juvenile offenders Jiangmen has already served twenty three years, which means he could be eligible for release in seventeen..

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