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And a half and that's being generous i wouldn't fill in that at all there you have it that's kind of a album and then the next week coming west dropped keyed seagulls with kid cutty and i feel like he's at his best when he's what k cutty and you know if you listen to eight oh eight and heartbreaks that's basically a kid cutty album because he's on a coming out of them okay okay if you listen to eight awaits cutty wrote like ninety percent of that that's his album but as voice on basically i didn't know that cutty said he never has to make another song based on what that album did so can't see goes in cutty seven like everything is twenty three minute album my favorite song when is is cutty montage the last song on they found they found lowest clip of kurt cobaine guitar and use that as a sample for the whole beat it's talk about a lot of mental health stories on their about county as he's bipolar as bipolar is a lot of mental health stuff on the album and it's actually a refreshing from the last week that that drought qc goes way better than yeah okay how give that a three out of five i'm a huge cake and these companies wraps are still terrible they're pretty cringeworthy when he ran he has one dope as robin on a cutty montage just probably best rap e spitting out of those two albums and yeah i'm i'm i feel good at three out of five adam did his best to save say what you haven't heard of it now i hear that one wow next up is now is in his naseer album that dropped finally on streaming services yesterday right now 'cause figure out how to you know completely produced by conny west only listen to it once so i'm not gonna lie to you got to give you a full review until i've heard the whole oh album i've listened to maybe like to solve the now go do something i haven't been able to listen to the whole just came out yesterday so when we meet again argue a full review of that outside i can't honestly get your real one i i listen to it on the way here and so they had to go by here phones long story my kids broke my headphones but anyway it was pretty good i was you know i'm that i like i mean i think gnaws is wanted to best rappers of all time but i'm not like the biggest gnaws the world but i thought it was it was enjoyable but my my phillies is probably not the i guess the popular feeling because music is so different now i think it felt good to hear like that again you know what i'm saying like real leary of flying you know i think some substance have you heard it is definitely some substance in it is almost like i can't believe i'm say it is almost like four four four but it's knowledge knowledge has always been like four four four you know what i'm saying so it was like okay this is the real full full for you know what i'm saying but it was pretty good our thought it was it was pretty good only thing about nazda i mean he can wrap his azel but you're not gonna get no songs out of so when really no songs on so it was just you know him rapping over beats but i thought i mean it was it was not so ause spit that didn't really add anything to that our very seven song i would much rather work with the producers he normally like salaam remi alchemists have it goes something like that how wanna know where the knowledge music words that he made when he latte doesn't say two thousand was done spring and some of two thousand sixteen that music it because he's opposed did a song produce about similan featuring jay z justin timberlake call sinatra streets and i was going to be on that album and that doesn't exist seems like july two if you let yourself down in for wayne to win his case okay okay when he's on a review can't forget about from td j rodrigue his album redemption that one if you'll like it feels like td's trying to make jay rock into something he's not seem like they're pushing their commercial thing based on his first single win which i like okay but you know.

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