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Republicans won a vacant North Carolina house seat in a special election on Tuesday and leading in a second race doctor Greg Murphy is now congressman elect from north Carolina's third district Murphy had the backing of North Carolina congressman mark meadows and the national right to life we now succeeds in the seat that had been held by congressman Walter Jones who died last February meanwhile the result of the ninth congressional contest remains to be seen between Republican Dan bishop against Democrat Dan Macready into other candidates GOP candidate mark Harris and unofficially won that race by mere nine hundred boats last November but that result was invalidated bringing about tonight's new election George funds on a reporting in the contest between bishop and Democrat Macready results show bishop with a lead over Macready at this hour bishop was also the subject of a campaign stop last night made by president trump which has many media outlets reporting that this is an important bellwether for the twenty twenty presidential election and the president's coattails reactions coming into president trump's firing of national security adviser John Bolton military analyst retired lieutenant colonel Robert Maginnis says the Bolton came into the administration with foreign policy positions which were well known which would not have been a surprise to president trump it may be that the body man to be contrary all characters to really kind of shake things up and provide the president a rich diversity of ideas that's a possibility in the president's way of working tax dot now but Mr bald minutes very capable very smart understood the world there's no word on a permanent replacement for Bolton desperation is mounting in the Bahamas as hurricane survivors arriving in the capital by boat and plane or turned away from overflowing shelters a week after Dorian struck the shelters are full on Wall Street that out by seventy three points more on these stories at town hall dot com. so when people first hear about Medicare they have questions some really good questions starting with the obvious what is it will manage here is a Christian health care sharing ministry is not health insurance it's a different way of doing things which leads us to the next question why do people do this why did they become that is sheer members here are two of the biggest reasons number one people feel good about it they're not trapped in a plan to make them pay for things they don't believe in they know their money's going to help people and the second reason people save a lot of money maybe for does mention the typical family saves about five hundred dollars a month switching to measure in one more big question does it work the answer is yes a thousand times yes Sir four hundred thousand times since that's how many medics your members there are and they've shared over two billion in medical expenses so easy to find out right now how medicine can work for you call eight four four forty five Bible that's eight four four forty five Bible eight four four forty five Bible. the environmental protection agency is trying to cut the frequency of its own animal testing E. P. A. has used animals to test the toxicity of chemical substances and mixtures and their environmental safety but EPA administrator Andrew Wheeler says scientific advancements exist today that permit the agency to better protect potential hazards to humans while reducing or avoiding animal testing altogether Wheeler restricting staff to come up with a plan within six months that would cut spending on mammal studies by thirty percent by twenty twenty five and eliminate all requests by twenty thirty five meanwhile the EPA is steering four and a quarter million dollars to five universities to further research alternatives to animal testing Ben Thomas Washington federal authorities arrested two former officials of the Federal Emergency Management Agency they're accused of bribery and fraud in the efforts to restore electricity to Porter Rico after hurricane Maria news and analysis at townhall dot com I'm Keith Peters in Washington. Human Rights Watch has accused the Nigerian military of detaining more than thirty five hundred children over the last seven years human rights watch alleges that over the last seven years then a journal for just have looked up more than three and a half thousand children some as young as something that you still have a link to the jihadist group Boko haram but education is often based on little or no evidence and many say they were arrested after fully booked her I'm attacks on their villages for my detainees from you a military barracks in the city of my degree told Human Rights Watch they experienced hunger on torture while some children say they had witnessed two deaths of fellow inmates and soldiers sexually exploited girls BBC correspondent Jacques Khalid reporting from Abuja Nigeria apple unveil new iPhones that are largely unchanged from previous models and accompanied by an unexpected price cut for the cheapest model underscoring the company's efforts to counteract.

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