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This episode of on point is supported by 23 in me now through valentine's day get 20 percent off each 23 in me dna kit plus free gift wrap go to 23 in me dot com slash on point today from wbur boston and npr i'm indira lakhshman honor the poynter institute on the boston globe and this is on point clergy sex abuse and who turned a blind eye is shaking the catholic church again this time pope francis is at the center of the storm the pontiff who declared zero tolerance for abuse shocked catholics and chile last month when he said victims had no proof and had slandered of bishop they accused of witnessing and covering up crimes against minors now members of the pope's own commission for the protection of minors say they gave pope francis a chilean survivors letter detailing a cover up three years ago up next on point just pope francis have a blind spot on clergy sex abuse you can join us on air or online what's your take on what's unfolding in chile and at the vatican do you think the pope has done enough to root out clergy who enabled or or covered up abuse join us any time it on point radio dot org or on twitter and facebook at on point radio first reagan to talk about some of what pope francis has done in a recent trip to chile here's pope francis when he spoke at the vatican embassy in chile in january about the molestation of children by priests nobu the money for throw.

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