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Same books they always were you know and you can loved the books and you know i don't think we we have to believe that pablo picasso live the most exemplary life women horrible by he was here i know it and i and i will always go to the museum to see picasso over this we have to reconcile those who who take pains off the wall because they're misogynistic domestic violence or hole but but we have to figure of what we term yep people are losing things in the current time the yes for lesser far far lesser problems this disturbing but in let let me switch gears a little bit and talk about writing generally giga people to date do not appreciate that in the fifties particular when it ruled that the written word the novel the poem that was the the highest form of that was that was the top of the mountain ask everyone wanted to be a right of the way everyone would want to be a movie stars in the '70s and they rallied red and renowned poet talked about it and your status was determined julia you're reading what you're in which he thought about and he's particular new york the whole scene was about reading and writing poetry what what was that like and then what's happened well einstein is coming back you know i'm i'm not an old fochi here on i i appreciate maternity and everything you know not everything that's come down the pipe but all that you know there's there's a there's a lot new that i celebrate but the degradation of language i do not i am.

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